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How to use "PayTo" to pay remittances?


How to use "PayTo" to pay remittances?


1. Confirm the remittance amount - select the payee - select the coupon & confirm the remittance information - click Pay Now

2. Select the payment method "PayTo" - click [+ Bind New Bank Account].

3. You can choose "Bank Account" or "PayID Account" to fill in and bind.

Please fill in your BSBcode and Account Number for "Bank Account", and your mobile phone number or email address for "PayID Account". Please fill in according to your actual situation.

4. Click "Next" and finally confirm, click "Confirm" to enter and wait for bank authorization.

Note: Binding with company or non-personal bank accounts is not supported.

5. After filling in the "PayTo" information on PandaRemit, we need to confirm authorization on the bank interface. Most banks support authorization through apps and web pages. For example:

Commbank :

1)In the APP, follow the prompts to complete the binding.


2)Bind the received email.


Westpac Bank:

Received a push from Westpac Bank to bind


2. Confirm the information for authorization.



NAB Bank:

1. Open your NAB Bank app

2. Search for PayTo agreement

3. Click Complete Authorization to return to Panda.


ANZ Bank:

1. Received ANZ Bank binding SMS



2. Open ANZ online banking to authorize directly



St. George Bank:



6. after successful authorization, set your security password!

(Note! Do not fill in your bank card password, this password is only Panda Remit payment password)

If you set the password for the first time, confirm it twice.


Done! Pay attention to the status of the order and wait for the account to arrive!



PayTo payment method F & Q 


Q1: What is PayTo?


1. PayTo is the latest payment method in Australia. After the account holder is authorized, it is allowed to deduct money from your bank account. You do not need to transfer money actively. You only need to authorize it once and choose payment in the PandaRemit APP. Realize fast deduction .

Avoiding the problem of less transfer fees or transfer amounts inconsistent with orders resulting in delayed arrival of orders.


Q2: Which banks does PayTo support?


In Australia, the vast majority of banks have supported PayTo, want to know whether your payment bank supports PayTo, you can search in the bank APP PayTo function , if you can search, it indicates that your bank has supported PayTo payment method


Q3: What does PayTo need to prepare?


PayTo requires you to have a personal Australian bank account, bind your bank account in PandaRemit, and in the application for authorization, manually open the bank APP, find the PayTo agreement for authorization, once the authorization is successful, you can return to PandaRemit, set your payment password to complete the deduction, once the deduction is successful, you can see the amount deducted from your bound bank account

Please keep the payment password you set in PandaRemit safe and do not disclose it to others at will!