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More About Panda Remit


Panda Remit was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Singapore. With its professional expertise and extensive experience in the international payment industry, it has received praise from millions of users. This article will provide a detailed introduction from three aspects: story, business, and advantages, in order to help users have a comprehensive understanding of the charm of Panda Remit!


Our Story


Panda Remit is a global online platform for cross-border remittance services, headquartered in Singapore. So far, we have obtained several rounds of financing from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Capital, and Next Capital, and have accumulated tens of thousands of dollars of investment. In 2020, we became a strategic partner with Alipay and were selected as the only remittance company to be included in the Mastercard 2020 “Start Path” program.


At present, our company has signed contracts with several well-known banks at home and abroad, and reached strategic cooperation with the global partners of the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, Canada and other countries and regions.


Our Business


Panda Remit currently launches three business scenarios: Remittance to China, Global Remittance and China Outward Remittance, supporting Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America and other regions, helping users to save nearly 100 million US dollars in fees, which is recognized and trusted by millions of users around the world.


Remittance to China


Panda Remit has now opened the remittance from more than 30 countries / regions around the world to China, and continues to add more remittance countries / regions. Besides, we support 500 banks, Alipay and WeChat to receive money.

Note: At present, Panda Remit only supports transfers between individuals.


Global Remittance


Panda Remit supports the exchange and remittance of multiple currencies around the world, which can meet users' cross-border payment and exchange needs.


China Outward Remittance


Panda Remit and Kincheng Bank jointly launch [China Outward Remittance] service to provide more remittance service to 27 countries or regions around the world.


In 2023, the new function, Paying Tuition for Studying Abroad, allows users to pay the foreign currency tuition fees of overseas universities through the Panda Remit App, which can greatly reduce the impact of exchange rate difference caused by exchange rate fluctuations.


Our Advantages


High-speed Remittance, Transparent Process


After the remittance is initiated, Panda Remit will verify the user information in the first time. After the order is approved, the account can be received in 2 minutes at the earliest. Panda Remit App supports real-time query of the remittance progress, reducing the waiting time of users as much as possible, which is far faster than the transfer time of traditional banks and remittance institutions.


Higher Amount to the Account


Higher exchange rate

Panda Remit operates online without offline operating costs, and transforms this part of the cost into benefits for users, bringing users with a superior market exchange rate. Meanwhile, Panda Remit locks the exchange rate after the user makes payment, without any trouble caused by the exchange difference.


Lower handling fees

Panda Remit has no hidden fees and helps users save the handling fees, which is only 1/10 of the traditional way. In addition, if the remittance is not successful, there is no handling fee!


More Discounts

New users are free of handling fees for the first transaction; In order to give back to users, Panda Remit occasionally issues exchange rate increase coupons and cash coupons, and carries out the activity of halving the handling fee, so that more money can be transferred into the accounts of users' relatives and friends.


Convenient Operation Process


There is no time and place limit for remittance. Panda Remit replaced the traditional store form with the Internet remittance mode. Users can make the one-click remittance through the mobile phone. What's more, Panda Remit provides round-the-clock online remittance service.


No need to queue up to offline stores and fill out the forms. Users just need to simply follow the operation tutorial provided by Panda Remit to complete the global remittance with just a few clicks. Panda Remit makes cross-border remittance as convenient as Alipay and WeChat transfer.


A Variety Of Collection And Remittance Methods


Panda Remit supports Alipay, WeChat Pay and UnionPay cards issued by more than 500 mainstream banks in China, including the four major state-owned banks, commercial banks and Rural Credit Cooperatives. Users can choose the collection method according to their own preferences.


7 * 24 Hours Customer Service


Panda Remit provides 7 * 24 hours online customer service, supporting multi-language service, and gives you 1v1 VIP service experience; any problems encountered in the remittance process can consult customer service to ask for help, which offers users smooth and hassle-free remittance experiences.


Privacy Security Protection


Panda Remit adopts the Symantec Security Solutions that chosen by 96 of the world's top 100 banks and 90% of the Fortune 500 enterprises. The Symantec Security Solutions meets industry standards and can fully protect privacy information.


Panda Remit keeps user data confidential in strict accordance with local laws and regulations to ensure the information security of remitters to the greatest extent. The privacy data submitted by users is encrypted by Norton Secure Site SSL Certificates and protect the security of user information at all times.


Legal And Compliant Process


Panda Remit has obtained PCI DSS certification, passed nearly 300 audit indicators, covering 6 fields, 12 specifications, including network security, application and system security and other aspects, which means that our company's payment ability and technology has reached the international leading level.


King & Wood Mallesons, the world's leading law firm, provides legal services for Panda Remit. And King & Wood Mallesons issues legal opinion on business compliance in China for Panda Remit to ensure that every remittance meets the regulatory requirements.