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Find Out How Much an International Transfer Costs with Revolut

What is the cost of an international transfer with Revolut?

Revolut is one of the most popular online money transfer services that enable you to send money internationally in a fast, secure, and cost-effective way. Many people want to know what is the cost of making an international transfer with Revolut, and the answer may depend on the type of transfer you are making.

For transfers done within the European Economic Area (EEA) like the UK, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, sending and receiving money is free as long as they’re made from standard Revolut accounts. Any transfers made from a EUR account to a non-EEA bank account will incur a €0.5 fee, plus a 0.4% fee of the total amount of the transaction.

When making an international transfer with Revolut to a non-EEA country, there is a 0.3% fee of the total amount of the transaction. However, if you use their Premium or Metal subscription plans, the fees for making international transfers are reduced significantly. For example, with the Premium plan, the 0.3% fee is reduced to 0.25%.

No matter the type of transfer you are making, Revolut gives you the fixed exchange rate that is valid when you initiate the transfer. This helps customers to budget and plan ahead so that they can avoid potential losses due to currency fluctuations.

Overall, with no additional charges, attractive exchange rates, and easy access, Revolut makes international money transfers cost-effective and worry-free.

How much is the fee for international transfers with Revolut?

Moving money around the world has never been easier, and Revolut is making it even more convenient. However, with convenience comes fees, so what exactly are the international transfer fees when you use Revolut?

For personal accounts, Revolut charges 0.5% of the amount sent, caped at €20. This means if you send under €4,000, you would be charged €20. On the other hand, business accounts have no cap on the fees, which will be 0.5% of the amount sent.

These fees may seem high, but when compared to traditional banks they are considerably lower. In fact, banks might charge anywhere between 3% and 7%, in addition to hefty service charges.

For instance, let's say you wanted to send €1,000 from a UK bank account to a French one. Depending on the type of account you have with the bank, you could be looking at up to €60 in fees.

Therefore, for an international transfer, Revolut is the way to go. It’s quick, easy, and offers some of the lowest fees available for international transfers. So jump online and move your money with Revolut today!

Does Revolut charge a fee for international transfers?

When sending money overseas, you want to ensure you are getting the best service for the lowest fees. With Revolut’s international transfer services, you can be sure that you are getting a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.

Revolut allows you to send transfers in over 30 currencies with very competitive exchange rates. Moreover, there is no fee for international transfers when sending up to £5,000 per month, making it an ideal option for those sending remittances or regularly transferring money overseas.

The international transfers from Revolut are also much faster than traditional banks, with the majority of transfers being completed in under two minutes. This helps to provide speedy and affordable transfers, ensuring that money reaches its destination quickly.

If you need to send larger amounts than the £5,000 limit, Revolut has a range of options to help. For transfers up to £25,000, there is a flat transfer fee of 0.3% and for transfers over £25,000, you pay a fixed fee depending on which currency you’re sending.

No matter how often you’re sending money abroad and for how much, you can trust Revolut to provide fantastic service as well as competitive prices and excellent rates. Sign up now and see what you could save!

How can I make an international transfer with Revolut?

If you’re looking for a safe, convenient, and cost-efficient way to make an international transfer, look no further than Revolut. This payment services provider offers no-cost transfers in over 120 currencies worldwide.

The process is simple. All you have to do is use the Revolut app to set up an account, add funds, and then tap "Send Money" to choose your payment method. Depending on the country you're sending money to, you can use either a bank transfer or a SWIFT transfer.

When it comes to security, Revolut ensures that all transactions are secure and protected by SSL encryption, ensuring that your money is safe. Plus, they offer 24/7 customer support in case you need help setting up or troubleshooting any problems.

Finally, the cost of making an international transfer with Revolut is very reasonable compared to other providers. Depending on the method of delivery, Revolut offers competitive exchange rates with no hidden fees.

Overall, making an international transfer with Revolut is a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution for those looking to send money abroad. With low fees and customer-friendly features, this payment services provider is sure to make your next money transfer a breeze.

Is there a limit on the amount of international transfers I can make with Revolut?

International money transfers can be complex and expensive, often with hidden fees, complicated exchange rates, and long wait times. With Revolut, customers can transfer money internationally without having to worry about these things. So, is there a limit on the amount of international transfers you can make with Revolut?

The answer is no. Revolut allows customers to transfer money abroad with no limits or hidden fees. It offers competitive exchange rates, quick transfers, and 24/7 support. Therefore, customers are able to send whatever amount they need to, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Revolut is an excellent remittance business if you need to send money abroad on a regular basis. With low costs, better exchange rates, and instant transfers, using Revolut to manage your international money transfers can help you save time and get the best value for your money.

Whether you're sending money back home to family, paying online suppliers, or just transferring money between accounts, Revolut makes it simple and cost-effective. Plus, customer's are always supported with Revolut's 24/7 customer service.

For anyone who transfers money abroad regularly, Revolut is the way to go. There are no limits or hidden fees, making it simple and cheap to send money wherever you need to. With Revolut, you can send your money quickly and easily in just a few clicks.



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