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HSBC Hong Kong Account Opening Guide


Hong Kong, as an international financial hub, boasts an efficient and diversified banking system. This article provides a guide to opening an account with HSBC in Hong Kong, detailing the process, requirements, and necessary documents. Whether you are a businessperson, a tourist, or a student, this article will be a key guide to integrating into life in Hong Kong.



Understanding HSBC Hong Kong


HSBC Hong Kong, officially known as The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (referred to as HSBC), is a significant member of the global financial services group HSBC Holdings plc. Since its establishment in 1865, it has been one of the most important banks in Hong Kong and is one of the three major note-issuing banks there.


Main Features of HSBC


  • Global Network: HSBC has an extensive network worldwide, serving multiple countries and regions, making it a bank with international influence.


  • Diversified Services: Offers a range of services including personal banking, commercial banking, wealth management, private banking, and investment banking. Services cover savings accounts, credit cards, loans, investment products, insurance, and various corporate financial services.


  • Digital Banking: HSBC actively develops digital banking services, providing online banking and mobile banking applications, enabling customers to conveniently and quickly handle daily banking transactions and investment operations.


Customer Reviews and Service Quality


HSBC Hong Kong is generally well-received for its comprehensive financial products and services, excellent digital banking experience, and strong international banking capabilities, maintaining a good reputation among customers for its security and professionalism.



Preparing for HSBC Account Opening


1. If you are a permanent resident of Hong Kong aged 18 or above, please bring:


  • Hong Kong Identity Card


  • Proof of residential address (only for opening investment accounts).


2. If you are 18 years or older but not a permanent resident of Hong Kong, please bring:


  • Identity proof, such as: a. Hong Kong Identity Card b. Valid travel document with personal name, date of birth, and travel document number


  • Current residential address proof (only for opening investment accounts).


3. If you are 18 years or older and not a resident of Hong Kong, please bring:


  • Valid travel document with personal name, date of birth, and travel document number


  • Current residential address proof (only for opening investment accounts).


4. If you are aged 11 to 17, please bring:


  • Relevant identity proof documents as per the above 1, 2, or 3 depending on different residency statuses in Hong Kong


  • Accompany your father, mother, or guardian to the bank for account opening. We may require your father, mother, or guardian to present their identity proof for verification and recording.


  • Comprehensive wealth management and investment accounts are not applicable to customers aged 11 to 17.



HSBC Online Account Opening Process


1. Download the Application:


  • Download and install the "HSBC HK Mobile Banking" app.



2. Choose Account Type:


  • Select the "I do not have any accounts" option in the app.


3. Capture Identity Proof:


  • Use the app to capture your Hong Kong Identity Card for identity verification.


4. Fill in Personal Information:


  • Complete the filling of personal information, including name, address, date of birth, etc.


5. Set Up Online Wealth Management Account:


  • Follow the instructions to set up an online wealth management account.


6. Submit Application:


  • After filling in all necessary information, submit the account opening application.


7. Wait for Account Activation:


  • After submitting the application, it usually takes a few working days to complete the account activation and setup.



HSBC Account Types




HSBC Appointment for Account Opening Process


1. Prepare Account Opening Documents:


  • Prepare all necessary account opening documents, including valid identity proof and address proof.


2. Online Appointment:


  • Visit the official HSBC website and find the account opening appointment service page.


  • Fill in personal information online, including name, contact information, choose the desired bank products and services, and schedule the bank branch and time for the appointment.


3. Confirm Appointment:


  • After submitting the appointment application, the bank may confirm the appointment details with you via phone or email.


4. Visit the Bank Branch:


  • At the scheduled time, bring all necessary documents to the designated HSBC branch.


  • Complete the account opening process with the assistance of bank staff.


5. Account Activation:


  • After successful account opening, you will receive bank account-related information, including account number and online banking access details.


6. Please Note:


  • Appointments should be made at least two working days in advance.


  • Depending on personal circumstances, the bank may require additional documents or information.


  • Appointment services for account opening may vary depending on bank policies and branch differences.


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