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Application Season | Detailed Tutorial on Tuition Fee Payment for Studying in Canada


For Canadian international students, managing tuition payments can be challenging due to the complexities of cross-border transactions. Traditional bank transfers are often cumbersome and limited by time constraints, and e-commerce platforms may not offer competitive exchange rates or low fees.


PandaRemit has recently introduced a new feature, "Study Abroad Fee Payment," designed to simplify and streamline the process of paying tuition fees in Canada. This guide will walk you through how to use PandaRemit for efficient cross-border tuition payments.


Before Remitting:


1)Prepare the following four items


1、The remitter's ID card.



2、A China UnionPay savings card for the payment.



3、The mobile phone number linked to this card (for receiving verification codes).


4、One of the following documents: Canadian school admission letter, tuition bill, or proof of enrollment.



2)Rules and Precautions:


Remittance Limit: Study abroad payments do not use up the personal convenience quota.

Fees: A flat fee of 80¥ per transaction, with no intermediary bank fees currently.

Transaction Amount: Up to 200,000 per transaction.

Processing Time: Payments made during Canadian working hours can be credited on the same day; otherwise, it takes 1-3 working days.

Paying Tuition for Others: Permitted.

Providing Payment Proof: Available.

Customer Service: Available through in-app online service, WeChat, and public account customer service.


3)Steps for Remittance:


Download and install the PandaRemit app.

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, use this link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/VS9EBtzNUWaaX4cTT9Mtrw

(New users follow the guide; existing users simply select China as the remittance country to start using.)


Register with a mobile number (email registration is also possible, but mobile is recommended).

Open the PandaRemit app, click "Start Remittance,"

then "Register."

Select "Choose Remittance Country or Region" and pick Mainland China.

Register and log in using the predetermined mobile number.

Set a login password for future access.



How to Use PandaRemit for Remittance?


Step 1: Add School Information


(1)Click "Study Abroad Fee Payment" at the top.


(2)Enter the study abroad payment area to view exchange rates and supported countries/regions.


Search for your school in the search box (supports fuzzy search in Chinese and English).

(3)Find and select your school's payment information.

(4)Click "Pay Now."

(5)Upload your study abroad remittance voucher: photo, file upload, or album upload.

(6)Complete the recipient information! Return to the homepage, enter your payment amount, and click "Start Payment."

(7)Fill in the remittance message and Account Number, and provide details like the relationship with the student, purpose of remittance, source of income, etc. (Information collected by partner banks for reporting purposes).


Click "Pay Now."


Step 2: Complete Account Setup in 2 Minutes


Enter the account setup system of Jincheng Bank (PandaRemit's RMB remittance service is provided by Tianjin Jincheng Bank).


(1)Click "Continue."

(2)Read the prompts and click "Continue" again. Log in to Jincheng Bank's system using the prepared mobile number.



(3)Upload your ID card, confirm ID information, perform facial recognition, bind your payment bank card, and set a transaction password.



The bank card should be the one prepared in advance from Mainland China, not necessarily a Jincheng Bank card.

The mobile number used for registration must match the one linked to the bank card.

You must use your Mainland China ID card for registration.

Bind your Mainland China bank card (it's strongly recommended to choose a card with a higher single-day transaction limit). See the list of supported banks below.


Paying Remittance Funds


Two payment methods are supported: bank transfer and online payment, with different banks offering different methods.



Bank Transfer Payment Tutorial


In the bank transfer page, you can click "Remittance Tutorial" to see how to operate. Note that the order is valid for 1 hour.

Open your bank's app, illustrated here with ICBC and China Merchants Bank as examples.

In the bank app, click "Transfer."

Select "Domestic Remittance."

Copy the recipient's name, card number, and transfer amount directly into the bank app.


Select "Private Bank" for the recipient's bank.


Copy the "Transfer Remarks" into the "Message" field. The red boxed areas are mandatory; ensure the recipient's name, card number, transfer amount, and message are correct.

If your bank card is from China Merchants Bank, click "Transfer" on the homepage.

Click "Bank Account Transfer."

Select Tianjin Jincheng Bank as the recipient's bank. Ensure all mandatory fields (in red) are correct, especially the transfer message.

Online Payment Tutorial


For online payment: Set transaction password + SMS verification code.

Note: Ensure sufficient balance in the bound bank card before payment. If insufficient, please recharge your card first to complete the payment successfully.


Change Transaction Password



Payment Completed!


With the above steps, your tuition payment is complete! PandaRemit will remit in real-time, and the Canadian school will confirm within 1-3 working days.


If you have any remittance needs, click to make remittances:



About Us - Panda Remit

Panda Remit is a cross-border remittance online platform, which is committed to providing global users with safer, more convenient, reliable, and affordable online cross-border remittance services. With a user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Panda Remit is the best solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to make global remittance.


Panda Remit has the following features:


1. High safety degree - One of the key features of Panda Remit is its advanced security measures

All transactions are encrypted and monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your funds. What's more, Panda Remit uses state-of-the-art fraud detection technology to prevent unauthorized access from your account.


2. Convenient transfer environment - Panda Remit is equipped with a currency calculator

The platform is available on Panda Remit's official website or Panda Remit app so that you can easily access your account and make transactions on the go. Users can transfer money in a variety of currencies, including US dollars, euros, HK dollars, pound, yen, etc,. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that Panda Remit provides 24/7 Chinese customer service, providing a familiar and intimate environment for overseas Chinese.


3. Simple operation process - Panda Remit has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use

Moreover, whether you need to pay bills or send money to friends and family in other countries, you just need to simply follow the operation tutorial provided by Panda Remit to create an account, link your bank account or credit card, and then you're ready to transfer money globally. With just a few clicks, you can successfully send money to anyone, anywhere in the world you want.


4. Instant transfer - Panda Remit provides a quicker way to transfer money globally

Panda Remit is not only secure and convenient, but it is also fast. It allows for instant transfers between Panda Remit users, eliminating the need for waiting periods or processing times as much as possible. This feature is especially beneficial for people or businesses that require quick and efficient cross-border remittance.


5. Low handling fee - Panda Remit offers a range of exchange rate benefits to users

Panda Remit also offers competitive prices compared to traditional remittance methods and other apps of the same kind. Thus, users can enjoy low transaction fees and competitive exchange rates and get high amounts received when transferring money globally, which makes Panda Remit a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike. Plus, the system would give coupons to first-time users.


In conclusion, Panda Remit provides a simpler and more efficient online global remittance way that offers a range of features and benefits to users. Nowadays, Panda Remit has opened global remittance services for more than 30 countries or regions worldwide and helped users save nearly 100 million dollars in fees, which is deeply recognized and trusted by millions of users around the world.


Panda Remit is the perfect solution for you to make cross-border remittances.

Please visit the Panda Remit official website or download the app, Panda Remit, for more detailed information.