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Unlock the Answers: How Much Money Can You Transfer With Revolut?

What is the maximum amount I can send using Revolut?

Whether you need to pay an invoice abroad, or send money to friends and family, Revolut is the perfect way to transfer your funds. It offers competitive exchange rates, low fees and fast transfers, all without having to pay for a bank account.

But what is the maximum amount that you can send using Revolut? The answer depends on how many transfer limits you have enabled.

Firstly, there is the daily limit. This is the maximum amount you can send each day. By default, it's £5,000 but can be raised to up to £10,000 with additional verification. You can also set up a monthly limit which is the maximum amount you can send in one 30-day period. This can be raised to up to £15,000 per month.

Secondly, there is the lifetime limit. This is the cumulative maximum amount you can send over your lifetime with Revolut. This limit can be raised up to £50,000 with additional verification.

So in short, if you want to get the maximum amount allowed to send with Revolut, the lifetime limit is the highest at £50,000. However, depending on your circumstances, you may not be able to reach this limit.

Does Revolut offer money transfer services?

Are you looking to send money internationally? Revolut is an increasingly popular and convenient way to do transfers with ease and at a fraction of the cost of more traditional remittance companies.

What sets Revolut apart is the user experience. With Revolut, you can perform money transfers from any country to another, without having to worry about the foreign exchange rate – even for cryptocurrencies. And the app is easy to use, allowing you to carry out your transactions within minutes.

But what about fees? Revolut have a competitive fee structure, with no hidden costs, and low transaction limits. You will also benefit from using their app or website as there are no third-party transfer fees for outgoing payments. In addition to this, transactions are free between Revolut members too.

But how safe is Revolut? Security is always paramount when it comes to money transfers, and Revolut is no exception. They employ industry-leading security measures to protect their customers' data and all funds are held in multiple different bank accounts.

In conclusion, Revolut is an excellent way to quickly and securely send money internationally, with competitive rates and fees. It is fast becoming one of the leading names in the industry, and its user-friendly app makes it easy to make a transfer with minimal fuss.

How much does it cost to make a money transfer with Revolut?

Transferring money to another account in a different country has never been easier. With the advent of fintech companies like Revolut, sending money overseas is now faster, cheaper, and much more convenient. So how much does it cost to make a money transfer with Revolut?

For transfers within the Euro Zone, Revolut doesn't charge anything. That's right - absolutely zero fees for transferring money to other Euro-denominated accounts. For transfers to non-Euro countries, Revolut charges a very low fee, ranging from 0.5% to 1% of the transfer amount, depending on the destination country.

It's also important to note that in some cases, an additional fee may be charged by the receiving bank. To make sure there are no surprise costs with international transfers, you should always check the exchange rate offered by Revolut and any receiving bank fees before making a transfer.

Revolut also makes it easy to send money directly from your account abroad. In just a few taps, you can transfer money to recipients in over 30 countries. So if you need to send money overseas quickly, Revolut makes it easier, faster, and more affordable than ever before.

So the answer to the question "how much does it cost to make a money transfer with Revolut" is simple — usually nothing at all! Of course, if you're sending money overseas, you may be charged a small fee, but it'll usually be much lower than traditional transfer fees.

Can I use Revolut to send money to friends and family?

Sending money to friends and family can be a hassle, but with Revolut, it's quick and easy. Founded in 2015, Revolut is a digital banking service popular in the UK, Europe, and America that offers a fast and secure way to send money to people you know.

Using Revolut's fee-free service, you can easily transfer money to your contacts and Revolut users worldwide within minutes. Whether you need to send pocket money to your kids, split a bill, or settle up for a shared holiday, with Revolut you can do it all without fees. The app provides full visibility of the status of your payments in real-time, so you'll always know when your money has arrived.

Revolut also provides extra benefits and features which make it even easier to keep track of your finances. For instance, you can create multiple virtual ‘wallets’ to categorize your expenses, receive insights into your spending habits, set up budgeting goals and much more. Plus, there are no hidden fees or charges, so you won’t get hit with any unexpected surprises when you’re sending money.

At Revolut, you can also use their multicurrency card to hold and exchange 28 different currencies securely and at the real interbank exchange rate, as well as the option to lock in rates and switch between displayed currencies instantly.

So if you're looking for a secure, hassle-free way to send money to friends and family, Revolut is the perfect choice. You can be sure that your money will arrive quickly and safely, and the whole process is simple and transparent.

Is there a limit to how much money I can transfer with Revolut?

Navigating the world of remittance can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the field. One of the most important questions when it comes to money transfers is: is there a limit to how much money I can transfer with Revolut?

The answer is yes. Revolut has a daily and monthly limit of up to 6,000 GBP. This means you won’t be able to transfer any more than this amount per day or month. Beyond this, there are also restrictions on certain types of transactions depending on the country you’re in and where you’re sending your funds.

It’s important to note that while transfers can be made to multiple currencies, the limits do not change. This means you could, for example, transfer 3,000 GBP to one currency and then 3,000 GBP to another currency, but you still wouldn’t exceed the 6,000 GBP limit.

Luckily, Revolut allows you to easily keep track of your transfers and the limits that you need to adhere to. Once you’ve made your transfer, you’ll receive a notification telling you exactly how much you have left to spend.

For those who are looking to transfer large sums of money, Revolut may not be the best solution as the limits are quite low. There are other remittance services that offer higher limits, but they generally come with much higher fees and longer turnaround times. So it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before choosing a service.

To sum up, the answer to the question “Is there a limit to how much money I can transfer with Revolut?” is yes. The daily and monthly limit is 6,000 GBP, so it’s important to bear this in mind before you make any transfers.



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