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In France, you need to know the detailed guide for renting a property.


France's housing rental market is diverse and full of opportunities, catering to students, workers, and families alike. During the rental process, PandaRemit can facilitate the international transfer of rent and other related expenses with ease.




Finding the Right Property


In France, the rental market in popular cities is highly competitive, with desirable properties being leased rapidly.


You can find properties through online platforms like Leboncoin or SeLoger, or by consulting real estate agents.



When selecting a property, it's crucial to consider its location, rent, and amenities. For instance, living in the city center may offer convenience but at a higher rent, while suburban areas might be quieter but require longer commutes.


Rental Methods in France


  • Furnished: Furnished apartments in France must come with a kitchen equipped with appliances like microwaves and refrigerators, cookware, beds and bedding, and living room furniture such as tables and chairs.


  • Unfurnished: Unfurnished apartments are usually just basic, with flooring, paint, and lighting. In some cases, properties might be rented out in a bare state.



Differences Between the Two Rental Methods


Specific Difference Unfurnished Furnished
Lease Duration Standard lease term is three years if the landlord is an individual, and six years if the landlord is a company, offering greater stability. Standard lease term is one year, and nine months for student accommodation, without automatic renewal, offering more flexibility.
Lease Termination and Renewal Landlords must notify tenants six months in advance if they do not wish to renew. Landlords can only terminate the lease for specific reasons, such as selling the property or for personal use. Tenants must notify three months in advance if they decide to leave. For furnished apartments, the notice period for landlords is shorter, typically three months. The notice period for tenants is also shorter, typically one month.
Deposit Equivalent to one month's rent. Usually equivalent to two months' rent.


Rental Process and Document Preparation


Before signing a rental agreement, ensure you have:


  • Your passport.


  • Your residence permit.


  • Passport-sized photos.


  • Your previous home address.


  • Proof of financial support (employment contract, last 3 pay slips, bank statements).


  • If you're a student, proof of enrollment in a French educational institution (student card, official statement from the institution).


Tenant Rights and Responsibilities


In France, tenants have certain rights, such as the right to safety and privacy. However, they also have responsibilities, like paying rent on time and maintaining the property in good condition.


Understanding your rights and responsibilities, as well as the specific terms of the rental contract, is crucial for protecting your interests.


A typical rental contract in France includes:


  • Names of the tenant and landlord.


  • Address of the rented property.


  • Address of the rental agency if booked through an agency.


  • Start and end dates of the contract.


  • Possibility of contract renewal.


  • Obligations and responsibilities of the tenant and landlord.


  • Rent and deposit.


  • Insurance information.


  • Terms about rent increase.


  • Terms about penalties.


  • Bank address for rent payment.


  • Inventory of the apartment.


  • Utility information (if included in the rent).


  • Move-in and move-out information.


  • Information about the notice period for terminating the contract.



Rent and Other Expenses


Understanding the rent structure is important, which usually includes the base rent, deposit, and liability insurance fee.


Base Rent


The cost of renting housing in French cities varies based on the city, neighborhood, size of the home, and whether it's furnished or not. Here are some examples of rent ranges in major French cities:


  • Paris: As the capital and most expensive city, rents in Paris are quite high.


  • Lyon, Nice, and Marseille: Rent ranges vary.


  • Toulouse, Nantes, and Bordeaux: Rent ranges vary.


  • Strasbourg and Lille: Rent ranges vary.


  • Montpellier: Rent ranges vary.




Landlords require a deposit (dépôt de garantie) before signing the lease and moving in. It's generally equivalent to one month's rent for unfurnished properties and two months' rent for furnished ones. Unless stated otherwise, tenants cannot use the deposit to pay the last month's rent.


Liability Insurance Fee


In France, it's legally mandatory to have liability insurance for furnished or unfurnished apartments, covering fire, explosion, water damage, and other damages. If you don't comply, the landlord can charge you, and if you refuse to pay, the landlord can terminate the contract. The cost varies based on several factors but is generally a small fee.


During the Rental Period


Maintaining the property in good condition is the tenant's responsibility. Communicate with the landlord promptly for repairs or maintenance. Good communication can help resolve many potential issues.


Upon ending the lease, usually, advance notice is required. The landlord will inspect the property to ensure there's no damage.


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