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Everything You Need to Know About Money Transfers to Nigeria With Remitly

1. What type of currencies can be used when sending money to Nigeria with Remitly?

Sending money overseas can seem daunting and expensive. With the right remittance provider like Remitly, however, sending money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world is fast, secure, and affordable.

Remitly offers various options for sending money to Nigeria. Customers can make their transfers in either US dollars or Nigerian naira. US dollars can be sent directly to a recipient's bank account, while naira must be collected in cash at an Agent Location.

Customers can also choose to send money to Nigeria via a third-party payment provider. These providers offer different payment options and can convert currencies from US dollars to Nigerian naira.

Remitly’s quick and easy online platform makes it simple to send money anywhere in the world. With competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast delivery times, Remitly is the best way to send money to Nigeria.

2. What is the maximum amount of money I can send to Nigeria with Remitly?

Utilizing Remitly to Send Money to Nigeria

Remitly is an online remittance service that makes it easy to send money abroad. With competitive rates and a secure platform, it’s a popular choice for those wanting to transfer money to Nigeria. But how much can you send?

Luckily, Remitly offers up to $10,000 in transfers to Nigeria within 24 hours. To send this amount, you must have an approved profile and access to the express delivery option. It’s also important to note that certain restrictions apply to the amount of money you can send.

For example, you must adhere to Nigeria’s Know Your Customer rules if you are sending more than $1,000. Additionally, you may face currency exchange controls from the Central Bank of Nigeria if you exceed certain amounts.

However, with Remitly, you can rest assured that your money is safe and secure. The company makes sure all transfers comply with local laws and regulations. Plus, when sending money with Remitly, you can take advantage of its low fees and quick delivery times.

So, if you’re looking to send money to Nigeria, you can relax knowing that with Remitly, you can send up to $10,000 within 24 hours. This makes Remitly a reliable and convenient way to make international transfers.

3. Does Remitly offer cash pickup options in Nigeria?

Remitly, a digital remittance company, makes sending money to Nigeria easy and secure. But does it offer cash pickup options for Nigerian recipients? The answer is yes!

Remitly offers your Nigerian recipient the option to collect funds in cash at any of the thousands of pickup locations nationwide. They can collect their funds at any of the leading banks or convenient retail locations such as stores, supermarkets, malls, and more.

At each pickup location, Nigerian recipients can use the code they received with their transfer to collect the money. A valid ID is required, and transfers are subject to the currency exchange rate at the time of transfer.

Remitly's cash pickup option offers a fast and secure way to get funds to your Nigerian friends and family. With a commitment to providing excellent customer service and competitive exchange rates, they make sending money to Nigeria hassle-free.

4. Does Remitly accept debit and credit cards in Nigeria?

Remitly's money transfer services are highly reliable for Nigerians who need to send payments abroad. The company offers a fast, secure and affordable solution for international payments.

Remitly accepts debit and credit cards from many banks in Nigeria. All one needs to do is to link their Nigerian debit or credit card to their account, and they can instantly send money overseas.

Their remittance services are easy-to-use and customers can use the Remitly app to track the status of their payments. Their services have low fees, making it an ideal option for Nigerians who want to send money to friends and family in other countries.

Remitly offers a wide range of currency options and their exchange rates are competitive. This allows customers to send money quickly and effectively in the currency of their choice. They also offer 24/7 customer support, ensuring that customers can get quick answers to any questions they may have.

Whether you need to send money to relatives abroad or pay bills overseas, Remitly is a reliable and affordable way to do it. Their service is fast and secure, and they accept debit and credit cards from many banks in Nigeria.

5. Does Remitly offer a mobile app in Nigeria?

Remitly, a remittance business, offers customers an easy way to send money abroad with its mobile app. Customers in Nigeria have the accessibility and convenience of sending money through the Remitly mobile app.

The app offers an array of benefits for those sending money from Nigeria. It provides simple onboarding process, easy-to-use features, and fast money transfers 24/7. Customers can also track their transactions and check exchange rates. Additionally, they can also view transaction history and opt for notifications on real-time updates.

Customers who use the Remitly mobile app in Nigeria can pick from a range of payment methods and get the best exchange rate for their money transfers. This makes it very convenient for those sending money across different countries, as the app eliminates the need for physical money transfers. Also, users can send money to anyone outside Nigeria in less than 10 minutes.

Remitly makes it easy for customers in Nigeria to send money abroad. With its mobile app, users can make easy, secure, and fast money transfers with the click of a button. The app’s features make it easy for users to track their transactions, get the best exchange rate, and send money in minutes.



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