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Panda Remit - Sharing Guide


Applicable people: students, immigrants, migrant workers, social experts



① Click the [] button at the top

② Select the following channels with friends or groups of friends 



③ Select a frequently used APP and send it to your friends or groups





Applicable people: social experts, KOLs,moderators/bloggers, network water friends



① Click the [] button at the top

② Select [Copy Link], and select commonly used social platforms and forum communities. 



③ Publish the promotional content and add a sharing link (if the text cannot be added, you can guide comments or private message exchanges)

Promotional content text reference:
I have been working abroad for several years, and I need to remit money to my family every month. After comparing several different products, Panda Remit has perfectly solved many of my problems. The exchange rate is high and the account is fast, and the customer service is also very kind, great! Recommended Use!




Applicable people: Internet celebrity bloggers, video experts, opinion leaders, Vlogers



① Click the [] button at the top

② Select [Copy Link] to select common video media channels



③ Post video content and share the link in the comments (or private message users)




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