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Send INR! How to remit money to UPI Tutorial!


How to remit money to UPI Tutorial

Step 1:Register/loginto Pandaremit account

Select USD for the first line and INR for the second line.Click [Start Remittance] on the main interface of PandaRemit app to enter the login page.

If you are already registered, select [Login]. If you are not registered, choose to [register];



 Choose the American market; 

Of course, if you are in another country, choose your country;

Choose the way you want to register



Step 1:



Step2:Complete account opening

Click [Account Opening by Remitter]

And fill in the personal information of the remitter.



Add remitter information.

Note: Please fill in all in English, and the name is consistent with the name in the certificate


After completing the information, select a type of certificate

And follow the system prompts to take the uploaded photo and selfie.



Step 3: How toadd a Upi payee account?


Supports bank card collection and Upi collection 

The following is an example of Upi collection



After the information of the payee is filled in correctly, click Submit to start the remittance.


Step 3: Payment and remittance?


Two payment methods are supported, quicker or cheaper



After you complete the payment, you can see your order here!



At this point, all operations are over! Notify the payee to collect the money!

Remittances to Upi usually arrive within 15 minutes!


 If you have other questions, please click the link below to contact online customer service





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