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The 2023 Entry Policy has been Sorted Out!

In 2023, we have finally arrived in the freedom of entry and exit, and the day when we can travel freely after buying air tickets is coming soon!


However, many people are still affected by the changes in epidemic prevention and control policies. BUT, the panda who knows you has sorted out a wave of the latest immigration policies for you! Come and have a look~~

China: nucleic acid test in the first 48 hours

China: From January 8, China officially has cancelled the entry test of nucleic acid done within 48 hours and centralized isolation!


The personnel coming to China should carry out nucleic acid test 48 hours before departure, and those with negative results can come to China without applying for health code from our embassies and consulates abroad, and fill the results in the customs health declaration card.

Japan: Entry inspection

From December 30, 2022, all persons who have lived in Chinese Mainland within 7 days (regardless of nationality) will be tested at the airport entering Japan by COVID-19.


Once the inbound person is positive, in principle, the person with symptoms should be isolated in the hotel for 7 days, and the person without symptoms should be isolated in the hotel for 5 days! Nucleic acid detection is not required during isolation, and isolation can be ended after 7 days.

USA: nucleic acid test in the first 48 hours

The CDC website issued the latest statement on December 28, 2022 local time:


From the early morning of January 5, Eastern Time, all passengers aged 2 and above who travel to the United States from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao regions need to receive COVID-19 testing within two days (48 hours) before boarding, and show the airline the nucleic acid test certificate with a "negative" test result before boarding.


The means of COVID-19 test can be PCR test, that is, "nucleic acid test", or antigen self test through telemedicine services. Passengers who test positive more than 10 days before the flight departure can provide rehabilitation documents to replace the negative test results.

European entry policy:

Among them, there are 10 European countries that have no restrictions on visitors to China, including Denmark, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and Norway

Australia: negative nucleic acid within 48 hours

On January 1st, 2023, the Australian Department of Health issued a statement saying that from January 5th, all inbound passengers from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macau must provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before boarding.

Singapore: Proof of vaccination is sufficient

Singapore said it would maintain the current Covid rules for inbound travellers from China. Foreign travellers do not need to test or quarantine to enter Singapore, and only need to have proof of vaccination.


Singapore's Ministry of Health said that travellers who are not fully vaccinated are required to test before entering Singapore, as required by WHO. Short-term visitors will also need to purchase COVID-related medical expense insurance.


Hong Kong: 48-hour nucleic acid certificate is sufficient


Cancellation of vaccine passes

Cancel all mandatory nucleic acid tests upon entry

Lift all social distancing measures

New Zealand: Unlimited

At present, there are no restrictions on Chinese passengers

Canada: COVID-19 test within 48 hours

Canada recently announced that, since 00:01 am on Jan 5th, Eastern Time, all air passengers aged two or more from Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong or Macao need to be tested for COVID-19 within two days (48 hours) before boarding, and show the airline the nucleic acid test certificate that the test result is "negative" or the antigen test is negative before boarding.

The Canadian Public Health Agency said that the interim measure was valid for 30 days and would be re-evaluated after more data and evidence were obtained.

South Korea: 2 Nucleic acid tests required


According to the new regulations on entry epidemic prevention in South Korea, all personnel entering South Korea from the mainland of China via passenger ships or flights must undergo nucleic acid detection (PCR detection) from January 2.


Specifically, short-term residents from the Mainland of China (excluding Hong Kong and Macao) must undergo nucleic acid testing immediately after entry, and wait at the specified place until the test results are released. Korean nationals and foreigners staying in South Korea for a long time must be tested at the health station in the jurisdiction of their residence within 24 hours after entering the country.



The epidemic prevention department also requires the entry personnel from the mainland of China to fill in the residence address and contact information in Korea in the Quarantine Information Input System (Q-CODE) when boarding the plane. All flights from mainland China to South Korea must land at Incheon International Airport.

In addition, personnel entering South Korea from the mainland of China must submit COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test within 48 hours or Rapid Antigen Test within 24 hours before their flight from Jan 5th.


In general, in addition to the need for negative nucleic acid test, there is no restriction on Chinese entering foreign countries. It can be seen that the flow of Chinese in the world will be more busy in the future. Finally, Panda wishes you a good journey, a pleasant journey and a smooth entry!



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