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What do you need to be aware of when driving in the UK?

The most basic way to travel in the UK is by car. Many international students buy their own cars when they come to the UK. The issue that cannot be ignored is the need to understand the risks associated with speeding or careless or dangerous driving.


Traffic laws in the UK are very strict. The proliferation of cameras on UK roads these days means your driving error will most likely not go unnoticed and you will be charged with a traffic accident. So what are the negative aspects of traffic accidents?


The following are common criminal cases involving traffic accidents:

  • over-speed driving
  • dangerous or careless driving offense
  • mobile phone violations
  • drunk driving
  • crime of running a red light
  • driving without insurance


Careless driving

Careless driving includes many acts that the law considers careless, so anything that does not fall within the norms of so-called careful and competent driving. The law states that careless driving can take many forms.


These different examples of careless driving, including overtaking on the wrong side (meaning to bear) or rear-end driving (that is, when the driver gets too close to another vehicle), can mean that the driver is putting himself or herself and others down Human driver is in danger.

Dangerous driving

Dangerous driving in Scotland is a serious charge. A dangerous driving conviction will disqualify you from driving for at least 12 months and you must pass an extended driving test. A fine of £5,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 6 months may be imposed.


In more serious cases, you can go to jail for 2 years. Dangerous driving causing death in Scotland carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison. A conviction for dangerous driving will always result in a minimum 12-month ban and a re-driving test, unless there are exceptional reasons for the court to impose a penalty of 3 to 11 points (3-9 for "reckless driving"). Courts rarely deal with dangerous driving with fines.


You must have received a written warning either in person or within 14 days on or around the time of the alleged offence. Thereafter, there is no time limit on the prosecution of dangerous driving charges. In most driving offenses there is a strict 6 month period from the date the offense is committed until the documents are served.


The time limit does not apply to dangerous driving because it is a "two-way offense" - meaning it can be prosecuted in front of a jury and any time limit is removed. Courts will always take driver's fairness into account when assessing whether it will take a long time to file a lawsuit.


Fixed tickets for speeding in Scotland

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a speeding ticket (officially known as a fixed penalty) in Scotland, it will offer you the chance to receive 3 penalty points and a £100 fine. Fixed penalties can be accepted and paid in any Magistrates Court in Scotland and can also be challenged in court. In order to challenge the matter in court, the fixed penalty simply needs to be ignored.

I have 9 penalty points on my license - can I get a fixed penalty?

If you have at least 9 penalty points on your license, you cannot receive a fixed penalty notice and you must take the case to court. In some cases, fixed penalties may be erroneously issued to motorists who have already earned nine points. In this case, if you try to accept a fixed penalty for speeding, it will be refused at the time of payment.


Accepting a fixed penalty when you already have 6-9 penalty points on your license is a serious problem as you could face a large number of disqualifications. If you have received a speeding ticket in Scotland and wish to contest the case, you have the right to do so. There are a number of methods you can use to deal with a speeding ticket. Working with our expert attorneys early on is recommended to maximize your successful defense against a speeding charge.


What happens after pleading guilty?

A person accused of a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Sometimes, you know you are guilty and want to admit to face the consequences. At this time, going to court without the representation of a lawyer is also a wrong choice.


Lawyers know the best way to express mitigating factors, which can have a significant impact on sentencing, represent the difference in whether you will have your license suspended, or even more serious consequences for more serious crimes.



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