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UFJ Bank ATM Transfer Tutorial


This article provides a guide on different kinds of payment methods Panda Remit supports and how to pay using ATMs in Japan.

What payment methods does Panda Remit support?


You can use ATMs, online banking, mobile banking apps, or go to banking centers to complete your payment.

Information you need to know about using ATM transfer:


1. 銀行名或金融机关名: Bank Name or Financial Institution Name 

2. 支店名: Bank Branch Name

3. 口座科目: Account Type 

  3.1当座: Cash Account (Checking Account)

  3.2普通: General Account

4.口座番: Account Number, typically 7 digits

5.口座名義: Recipient Account Name (entity or person)

6.ご依頼人の電話番号: Sender's Phone Number

Can I pay using ATMs in convenience stores?


Yes, but some ATMs may not accept all cards.


Seven Bank ATM

The largest number of convenience store ATMs across Japan - around 23,000. One in ten ATMs in Japan is a Seven Bank ATM.

Remark: Sumitomo Mitsui Bank cards and Mizuho Bank cards are not supported.


E-net ATM

The second largest number of convenience store ATMs across Japan - around 13,000.

Remark: Japan Post Bank cards and some small bank cards are not supported.


Lawson ATM

The third largest number of convenience store ATMs across Japan - around 12,000.

PS: Japan Post Bank cards are not supported.

Japanese bank opening hours


Japan Post Bank: 9:00~18:00 (Open on holidays)

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank: 9:00~15:00 (Closed on holidays)

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank: 9:00~15:00 (Closed on holidays)

ATM transfer tutorial


The ATM interface may vary slightly from bank to bank. Here is a simple demonstration of how to complete a transfer using Mitsubishi UFJ Bank ATM.

Step 1: Click “お振り込み”on the ATM.

Step 2: Click 確認”.

Step 3: Click “現金”.

Step 4: Enter your phone number and click “確認”.

Step 5: Enter your "利用者番号" and click "確認".

Step 6: If your name is correct, click "はい". If your name is incorrect or you want to change it, click "いいえ".

Special Note: The bank account holders name must stay the same as your Panda Remit account name. Otherwise, your transaction will fail.

Step 7: If you choose to change your name, please re-enter your name and click "確認".

Step 8: If you carry a bank card, please click on "振込カード". If you don't carry a bank card, please click on "振込先指定".

Step 9: Select the Bank Name of Panda Remits designated account (as displayed on the Payment Method page in the Panda Remit app)

Step 10: Select the Bank Branch Name of Panda Remits designated account (as displayed on the Payment Method page in the Panda Remit app).

Step 11: Find the bank branch.

Step 12: Click “普通” for Account Type.

Step 13: Enter the Account Number of Panda Remits designated account, then click “確認”.

 (The account number in this picture is for illustration purpose only. Please enter the one displayed on the Payment Method page in the Panda Remit app.)

Step 14: Enter transfer amount and click “確認”.

Step 15: If youre required to enter senders transfer note, please click “入力する”.

Step 16: Enter senders transfer note and click“確認”.

Step 17: Check if all information is correct.

Step 18: Select cash deposit type.

Step 19: Check transfer amount and fees, then click“入金”.



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