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All You need to Know Before International Remittance


International remittance refers to a payment method for transferring funds between different countries. It is an important component of global economic exchange and international trade, providing convenient cross-border payment services for individuals and enterprises.


However, before making international remittances, it is best to have some basic knowledge of international remittances in advance, including the methods and characteristics of international remittances, as well as precautions to be taken. Here are some key points that can help you better understand international remittances and make informed decisions.



International remittance methods and characteristics


Bank wire transfer


Bank wire transfer is the most common international remittance method, which transfers funds from one country to another country's bank account through a bank. Its characteristics are safe, reliable, suitable for cross-border transfer of large amounts of funds, but the cost is relatively high. It is more suitable for customers who are familiar with the recipient's name, account number, and recipient bank information, and have high requirements for security.


Generally speaking, the cost of wire transfer is divided into two parts.



One part is related to the amount of the wire transfer, which is a handling fee of 1 ‰, and the other part is not related to the amount of the remittance, but is related to the number of transactions, which means that a telecommunications fee will be charged for each transfer.


Besides, there is a significant difference in the charging standards of different banks, and comparisons can be made when choosing a remittance bank.


It should be noted that due to the existence of intermediary bank deductions during the remittance process, and the inability to predict the amount of deductions during the remittance process, the remittance of study abroad tuition fees or deposits may not be fully credited, affecting visa application or registration. Therefore, it is necessary to remit as much as possible.


Due to the maximum limit on remittance fees, the more amount remitted each time, the more cost-effective it is. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is recommended to remit more at once and not divide too many times, otherwise a considerable amount of transaction fees will need to be paid.


Foreign bills of exchange


For first-time overseas users who do not have an overseas account and carry a large amount of foreign currency funds, they can use foreign bills of exchange.


The foreign bills of exchange that banks have established can issue personal foreign currency bills. Foreign bills are easy to carry and pay, safe, and have low handling fees, and can be reported as lost or refunded.


However, this method has an obvious drawback, which is the slow speed of fund receipt, because when the bill of exchange is withdrawn overseas, it requires collection and the collection time must comply with the regulations of the overseas receiving bank. Therefore, people with ample time can choose this approach.



Credit card


Major domestic banks have launched international credit cards, which can be used abroad, either with both CNY and specific foreign currency accounts, or with specialized single foreign currency accounts. Some banks have also launched student credit cards, which can basically provide a wide range of currency options for major study abroad countries and regions. Therefore, if you need to carry a large amount of foreign currency funds, you can consider depositing a portion of the foreign currency into a credit card.


However, the application for a credit card usually takes some time and should be applied for in advance; there are restrictions on the amount of credit card transfers, and the handling fee is relatively high.


Third party payment platform


With the development of e-commerce, third-party payment platforms such as PayPal, Wise, and Panda Remit also provide international remittance services. This method has the characteristics of simple operation and fast receipt, and is suitable for cross-border payments of small funds.


Currently, Panda Remit has already obtained legal fund licenses in various business countries. It adopts advanced payment security technology and strict risk control systems to ensure user fund security and privacy information. It also provides efficient payment services, which can quickly complete cross-border payments globally, allowing users to enjoy convenient services with the fastest 2-minute payment, while balancing security and practicality.


In addition, Panda Remit has established cooperative relationships with multiple banks and payment institutions worldwide, covering multiple countries and regions. With just one phone, you can complete global remittances.


Don't worry if you encounter any problems during the remittance process. Panda Remit has professional customer service teams that provide assistance and support to users 24/7. Recently, Panda Remit is about to launch large-scale remittance services, which meets the diverse remittance needs of users!



Basic Knowledge of International Remittance


1. Remittance fees

International remittances usually involve some fees, including handling fees and exchange rate differences. When choosing a remittance service provider, it is important to pay attention to their rates and fee structure. Some companies may charge higher handling fees while offering lower exchange rates. Therefore, carefully compare the fees of different providers and choose the most competitive option.


2. Exchange rate

Exchange rate is an important factor in international remittances. Different remittance service providers may offer different exchange rates, which may have an impact on your remittance amount. Before making a remittance, understanding the current exchange rate and choosing a service provider that provides competitive exchange rates can ensure that you receive better remittance value.


3. Remittance timeliness

Remittance timeliness is another important factor to consider. Different international remittance service providers may have different processing times. Some companies may be able to complete the remittance within a few minutes, while others may take several working days. If you need urgent remittance, it is very important to choose a service provider that can provide quick processing.



4. Remittance security

International remittances involve the transfer of funds, so security is a key issue. Ensure that the remittance service provider you choose has a good reputation and security measures to protect your funds and personal information. Find a service provider that utilizes encryption technology and other security measures to ensure the security and reliability of your remittance process.


5. Destination Restrictions

It is important to understand whether there are any remittance restrictions in the destination country before making international remittances. Some countries may have specific regulations and restrictions on the entry and exit of funds. Ensure that you understand the relevant regulations of the destination country and comply with local laws and requirements to avoid any unnecessary trouble or delay.


6. Fraud Risk

International remittance is a transaction involving money, therefore there is a certain risk of fraud. Be careful when criminals use false remittance services or information to deceive you into obtaining your money. Ensure that the remittance service provider you choose is legal and reliable, and remain vigilant to avoid disclosing personal sensitive information to any untrusted third party.


International remittance precautions


1. Choose a reliable remittance channel

When making international remittances, choose a legitimate and reputable bank or third-party payment platform to ensure fund security.


2. Understand fees and exchange rates in advance

Different remittance channels and methods may charge different handling fees and exchange rate fees. Understand and choose the appropriate method in advance to avoid additional fees.



3. Accurately fill in payment information

When filling out the remittance form, ensure that the recipient's name, account number, address, and other information are accurately filled in to avoid delays or inability to receive funds.


4. Pay attention to remittance limits and regulatory requirements

Different countries have different limits and regulatory requirements for international remittances, and it is necessary to understand and comply with relevant regulations to avoid violating the law or being punished.


5. Keep remittance vouchers and transaction records

After completing the remittance, keep the remittance voucher and transaction records for future reference or dispute resolution.


In short, international remittance is a convenient and fast cross-border payment method, but it is important to understand these key points when making international remittances. By selecting reliable service providers, understanding fees and exchange rates, maintaining security awareness, and complying with local laws and regulations, we ensure the smooth, safe, and efficient international remittance process.



About Us - Panda Remit

Panda Remit is a cross-border remittance online platform, which is committed to providing global users with safer, more convenient, reliable and affordable online cross-border remittance services. With user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Panda Remit is the best solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to make global remittance.


Panda Remit has the following features:


1. High safety degree - One of the key features of Panda Remit is its advanced security measures

All transactions are encrypted and monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your funds. What's more, Panda Remit uses state-of-the-art fraud detection technology to prevent unauthorized access from your account.


2. Convenient transfer environment - Panda Remit is equipped with currency calculator

The platform is available on Panda Remit official website or Panda Remit app, so that you can easily access your account and make transactions on-the-go. And users can transfer money in a variety of currencies,including US dollars, euros, HK dollars, pound, yen, etc,. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that Panda Remit provide 24/7 Chinese customer service, providing a familiar and intimate environment for overseas Chinese.


3.Simple operation process - Panda Remit has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use

Moreover, whether you need to pay bills or send money to friends and family in other countries, you just need to simply follow the operation tutorial provided by Panda Remit to create an account, link your bank account or credit card, and then you're ready to transfer money globally. With just a few clicks, you can successfully send money to anyone, anywhere in the world you want.


4. Instant transfer - Panda Remit provides a quicker way to transfer money globally

Panda Remit is not only secure and convenient, but it is also fast. It allows for instant transfers between Panda Remit users, eliminating the need for waiting periods or processing times as much as possible. This feature is especially beneficial for people or businesses that require quick and efficient cross-border remittance.


5. Low handling fee - Panda Remit offers a range of exchange rates benefits to users

Panda Remit also offers competitive price compared to traditional remittance methods and other apps of the same kind. Thus, users can enjoy low transaction fees and competitive exchange rates and get high amount received when transferring money globally, which makes Panda Remit a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses alike. Plus, the system would give coupons to first-time users.


In conclusion, Panda Remit provides a simpler and efficient online global remittance way that offers a range of features and benefits to users. Nowadays, Panda Remit have opened global remittance service for more than 30 countries or regions worldwide, and helped users save nearly 100 million dollars in fees, which deeply recognized and trusted by millions of users around the world.


Panda Remit is the perfect solution for you to make cross-border remittance.

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