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Comparing Dutch Education System to Others & Securing Housing, Visas & Medical Services in the Netherlands

How does the Dutch education system compare to other countries?

The Netherlands is renowned for its excellent education system. It has consistently ranked highly in world rankings for the quality of education it provides, coming in at 8th place in 2020 according to the World Education Rankings. The Dutch education system is renowned for excellence and being a leader in innovation and creativity.

The Dutch education system focuses on hands-on learning and students receive individualized support from their teachers. Furthermore, students can specialize in either humanities or science and are actively encouraged to pursue their passions. One of the highlights of the Dutch education system is its focus on developing critical thinking skills in students.

When comparing the Dutch education system to other countries, it stands out for its emphasis on practical learning and its ability to give every student individual assistance. It also offers students the opportunity to choose their specialty and pursue their passions. Moreover, critical thinking skills are given considerable importance within the Dutch education system.

For those looking to study abroad in the Netherlands, they should be aware that Dutch universities are highly competitive and have rigorous admissions processes. Tuition fees are also quite high, making it important for international students to have a reliable source of financial support, such as a reliable remittance service. Overall, the Dutch education system is one of the best in the world and students who choose to study in the Netherlands will benefit from this.

How can I secure housing in the Netherlands while studying?

As an international student, finding housing in a new country can be a daunting task. The Netherlands is no exception, but with the right resources and help, it can be accomplished. For students looking to study in the Netherlands, here are some tips on securing housing.

The first step is to find out what your options are. Research student housing cooperatives, youth hostels, private homes and other available accommodations in the area. You can also find out if there are specific foreign student programs in the Netherlands that will provide assistance with housing.

Once you have an idea of what your options are, start planning out your budget. Make sure to factor in any remittance costs associated with transferring money from one country to another. This will help you determine how much you can afford to spend on housing.

Next, start looking at listings. Look into websites, newspapers, and magazines for available housing. Make sure to use resources that specialize in student housing to get the best deals. You may also want to check with local rental agencies or make connections with foreign student groups in the Netherlands.

Finally, make sure to research the legal requirements. Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding housing and landlord-tenant relationships. Knowing these before signing a contract will help to ensure your rights are protected.

With the right resources and preparation, finding housing in the Netherlands while studying can be done. Make sure to plan ahead and do your research to get the best possible deals. And don't forget to remit any extra funds needed for housing costs in order to secure your living situation.

How can international students access medical services in the Netherlands?

As an international student studying in the Netherlands, it is important to be aware of the available medical services in the country. There are numerous international health insurance plans available for international students that provide access to quality health care services in the Netherlands.

At RemmitMe, we offer a wide variety of medical coverage options designed specifically for international students studying in the Netherlands. Our plan offers comprehensive coverage for hospital stays, doctor visits, prescription medications, and more. With our medical coverage, you can get the care you need without worrying about the costs associated with it.

We also provide affordable remittance services so you can easily and securely transfer money from your home country to the Netherlands. With our international remittance services, you can save time and money by transferring funds quickly and safely. Our low transaction fees and flexible payment options make our remittance services the perfect choice for international students.

At RemmitMe, we are committed to providing quality services that make life easier for international students studying in the Netherlands. Our comprehensive medical coverage plans and secure remittance services make us the number one choice when it comes to meeting the needs of international students in the Netherlands.

What are the major cities in the Netherlands with universities?


The Netherlands is one of the most educated countries in the world with high quality universities. Remittance companies offer a great opportunity for international students from abroad to transfer money for living and tuition expenses. Below is a list of major cities in the Netherlands where you can find these universities.

Amsterdam – Amsterdam is the largest city in the country and is home to the University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, InHolland, and many more. With its vibrant nightlife and cultural scene, Amsterdam is one of the best places to study in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam – Rotterdam is one of the largest urban centers in the country. It has several renowned universities, such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, Delft University of Technology, and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. A remittance company can make international payments much easier for students studying in the area.

Utrecht – Utrecht is located in the center of the Netherlands and is known for its science and technology-focused educational institutions. The University of Utrecht, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, and De Haagse Hogeschool are just some of the universities here.

Maastricht – Maastricht is a smaller city located in the south of the Netherlands and is home to Maastricht University. This university specializes in medicine and law, making it a popular destination for international students. Remittance services can help them pay tuition and living expenses without any hassle.

Remittance companies provide a reliable way for those studying abroad to transfer money to the Netherlands for studying and living expenses. With universities in major cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Maastricht, international students can have access to quality education and a wonderful student life in the country.

How do I apply for a visa to study in the Netherlands?

Are you interested in studying in the Netherlands? Applying for a visa can be a daunting task, but also an exciting adventure. As a remittance business, we understand the complexities of sending money to foreign countries. Here is a guide to applying for a visa to study in the Netherlands.

First, you will need to collect all of the necessary documents. These documents include proof of admission to a Dutch educational institution, proof of financial means to cover your living expenses, passport, and a valid residence permit or visa. You may also need to show that you have medical insurance.

Next, you must make an appointment with the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Check their website for information on how to book an appointment and the required fee. You may need to bring additional documents to your appointment, such as a completed and signed application form.

Finally, you'll pay the visa fee and wait for your visa to be processed. The processing time can take several weeks, so it's important to plan ahead and apply early. You may also want to check with the immigration authorities for any updates or changes.

Once your visa has been issued, you can start planning for your move to the Netherlands. This includes booking travel arrangements, opening a Dutch bank account, registering with the municipality, and finding suitable accommodation. At this point, you are ready to embark on your study abroad adventure.

We hope this guide has answered your question about how to apply for a student visa in the Netherlands. While the process can be overwhelming at times, don't forget that you're embarking on a thrilling journey. We wish you the best!

Are there any research opportunities available to international students in the Netherlands?

International students are increasingly looking to study abroad and the Netherlands is a popular choice. But what international students need to consider is if there are research opportunities available to them. The answer is yes.

The Netherlands has a thriving research environment and is home to many great institutions that offer research opportunities to international students. From universities, research institutes, and even private companies, the options for research commitments are vast. Most research opportunities in the Netherlands also tend to have competitive salaries, making them an attractive opportunity for international students.

In addition to research opportunities, the Netherlands offers international students many other advantages. It is a safe country with a stable economy and a diverse population. And because of its vibrant economy, many students find it easy to work and/or start businesses in the Netherlands upon their graduation.

For international students who are looking to start a remittance business, the Netherlands can be a great place to set up shop. With its well-connected financial networks, there are a number of affordable remittance companies in the Netherlands that can provide a cost-effective way to send money back home.

What is the estimated cost of living in the Netherlands?


Expats may be excited about the Netherlands’ vibrant culture and generous benefits, but the cost of living can sometimes make it seem less than attractive.

For those who are planning to move to the Netherlands, having an understanding of the estimated cost of living is important. Below we have provided a breakdown of what you can expect to pay.

Rent will typically constitute the largest expense for most people. Monthly rental costs in Dutch cities vary depending on the location, but expect to pay around €800 to €2,500 for a one-bedroom flat in Amsterdam. Rent is relatively more affordable in other cities like Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Food prices in the Netherlands are comparable to most Western European countries. Local bakeries, butcher shops, and fruit and vegetable stands offer reasonable prices, and supermarkets tend to be quite affordable as well. A weekly grocery bill for a single person should come to around €50–€60.

The cost of transportation also adds up quickly. Monthly passes for public transport cost €60–€80, while petrol averages around €1.50–€1.70 per litre. Those who drive often will need to factor in the cost of vehicle maintenance and parking.

Utilities in the Netherlands are expensive, however exact prices depend on the size of your home and personal usage. The good news is that the majority of flats come with basic furnishings and appliances included in the rent, and wi-fi is widely accessible. Mobile phone plans start at around €20 per month.

Overall, the estimated cost of living in the Netherlands falls somewhere between medium and high compared to other European countries. For those who plan on settling in the Netherlands, remittances from their home country can help to cover daily expenses and manage the cost of living.



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