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Make Money!Lots of Jobs Come!


Entry and exit time have been relaxed , "Gold March and Silver April" come, it is time to make money!Today, Panda does not talk about the exchange rate, but sort out a lot of good job opportunities and related information for you, hoping to help those who are still looking for jobs.


The Japanese government frequently attracts talents and plans to extend the job-hunting period for graduates of the world's top universities to a maximum of two years. Researchers who earn more than ​20 million yen a year can have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence within one year.


At the same time, many Japanese companies also launch a number of welfare benefits, opening a new round of talent competition!

Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language


Monthly salary: 10k-30k


It's not uncommon to see "Chinese fever" in countries around the world. At present, ​76 countries have incorporated Chinese teaching into their national education system, and many schools in Japan have offered Chinese courses.


Free time, Large demand, Chinese teaching

  • For many Chinese friends, Chinese as a mother tongue, has a natural advantage.
  • Time is relatively free, you can choose to teach online or offline according to your own arrangement.
  • ​​Great demand​​​, little competition (the total number of people who learn Chinese globally has reached 150 million, but there is a shortage of 5 million teachers of Chinese as a second language)​​​


In Japan, if you do not have other language advantages, but also full of passion for the profession of teachers, you might as well try to teach Chinese as a second language.


Management Personnel​


Monthly salary: 18k-25k


In Japan, managers are highly paid position with generous salary and broad space for development.


Cultivate the ability of operation and management, Extensive knowledge of the world, Strong adaptability

  • Good leadership and management ability
  • Ability to manage resource and asset risks to optimize operating results
  • Learn about the appropriate organizations and industries and gain experience in handling complex tasks


Japan also has many certificates that can be obtained for management occupations. The well-known ones include PMP (project management professionals) - the certificate is a measure of the ability of an employee project management operation standards), social insurance workers, small and medium-sized enterprise diagnostics, business manager certification, etc. If you have one or more of these certificates, you may be able to double your salary!


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University Professors:


Monthly salary: 40k-50k


The university professor is one of Japan's most prestigious professions and belongs to the government's top civil servants. Not only that, Japanese professors get a lot of vacation every year, and the salary is quite attractive.


Flexible time, High degrees of freedom in research, More opportunities

  • The working time offered by academia are often more flexible than other professions
  • Free choice of research projects and methods
  • More opportunities to travel to new places for conferences or research visits, providing many opportunities to develop interests


​There are two main ways to apply for university professors in Japan, one is through open recruitment, and the other is internal recommendation recruitment.


Their core functions are to design  curricula, teach students, and conduct professional research in academic institutions, regularly publishing the latest research and work. One of the necessary ways to become a university professor is to do a lot of research and publish.

Restaurant Owners


Monthly salary: 18K-30K


Opening a restaurant in Japan is also one of the ways to make money. Japan's tourism industry is developed, and many people travel to Japan every year, so food is a necessary part of the travel process.


Large demand, High profit, Wide contact

  • The epidemic prevention and control has been relaxed, and there are many tourists to Japan, which have a large demand for food
  • Cultivate brand strategic awareness, decision-making ability, organizational ability and super execution
  • Contact personnel complex, broad horizons


Chinese engaged in the catering industry in Japan need to obtain Japan's residence qualification, which can not only be obtained through marriage, study, work, etc. in Japan, but also by applying for a business management visa in Japan. After a period of time, they can be naturalized or permanent residence.


Daigou - purchasing agent


Monthly salary: 12k-20k


Japan's local skin care cosmetics, clothing, electronic equipment, etc., are more cost-effective than some big brands in Europe and the United States, and are deeply loved by people. With the gradual opening up of the epidemic control this year, Daigou in Japan will become a career choice for many people.


Low entry threshold, Free time, Get the margin from price differnce

  • Have a lower entry threshold.
  • Free time, and can use more time to develop their own interests.
  • Purchase products can enjoy more discounts, earn the difference, and make profits.


Although the threshold of purchasing agent is low, it is very important to master the first-hand high-quality goods, which determines the long-term and stable development of the follow-up. We can comprehensively consider the delivery point through price positioning, purchase location, etc.



Monthly salary: 20k-35k


In Japan, because of the high technology content, the salary and treatment of engineers are also very considerable! Moreover, there are heavy demands in various mechanical design, manufacturing and repair, and technical work in Japan.


Good equipment condition, Ideal salary, Fast self-improvement

  • Good hardware and facilities
  • Evaluable rated title, ideal salary and benefits
  • Access to human resources with advanced knowledge and business skills


For those who want to work as engineers in Japan, in general, the mandatory conditions are that they need to have basic professional skills and relevant work experience. It is best to be able to obtain N2 for barrier-free oral communication.​


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Financial Accounting


Monthly salary: 12k-20k


Financial work is stable and decent, which is one of the choices of the majority of job seekers, especially students who study accounting major in Japan, often stay in Japan to engage in financial accounting work.


Wide range of employment, High salary ceiling, Part-time

  • The demand is large and the development ceiling is high.
  • Use part-time jobs to make money​, because a lot of newly established companies may be unable to hire the full-time accountant, will specifically recruit some part-time accountants.


Having Level ​3 and Level 2​ Bookkeeping qualifications is the icing on the cake, if so, you can work as an accounting manager in Japanese company!


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Monthly salary: It Depends


With the gradual relaxation of the epidemic control in Japan, the social economy has regained its usual vitality, and foreign trade has gradually increased. There are more and more tourists going to Japan, and the demand for sales personnel in the service industry has increased.


Good communication and cooperation ability, Get commission, Develop new customers

  • A sales person will have good communication skills and team work ability in the sales process.
  • A thorough understanding of the company's products and services, according to the corresponding sales commission.
  • Have certain information collection ability, and continue to develop new customers.


In general, sales salaries:



Passing the Microsoft Office Specialist ​(MOS) - the Japanese professional business license is definitely a big plus when looking for jobs!


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Panda hope the information provided today will be helpful to those who are preparing for job-hunting in Japan.


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