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Tutorial to verify Panda Remit account —Japan

Panda Remit is the way to link loved ones
Peace of mind for you and your recipient,when you send money home, you’re strengthening your connections to your loved ones. 
Click to view more remittance payment tutorial:https://youtu.be/YhOc0yXyLTE



To comply with regulations, we need to verify your identity before you make a transfer in JPY. You’ll need to confirm your My Number along with your Residence Card.


What is a My Number document?

We can accept any of these documents that have your My Number on them:

01 My Number Card (Individual Number Card)


You’ll only need to upload the back side with your My Number on it.

You can apply for a My Number Card (Individual Number Card) at your local City or Ward Office. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to receive it.


02 Notification Card

You can apply for a Notification Card at your local City or Ward Office. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to receive it.


03 Residence Certificate

You can apply for a Residence Certificate at your local City or Ward Office, and may get it on the same day you apply.

You’ll need to tell the City or Ward Office staff to add your My Number to the certificate.


If you don’t have a My Number document yet, Residence Certificate is a better choice.


What is a Residence Card?

A Residence Card is an ID for foreign residents in Japan.

Apart from My Number documents, you’ll need to take three photos of your Residence Card - front side, back side, and side view, and also a photo of yourself holding your Residence Card.

*Please rest assured that all personal data is collected in accordance with Japanese laws and regulations, and will not be used for other purposes.