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ABC Transfer Guidance | 中国农业银行转账教程





【蓝海银行】 is Panda Remit partner bank, so your remittance funds will be transferred to 【蓝海银行】account first.






 Open your Agricultural Bank of China  app and select 转账 (Transfer). On the next page, click 账号转账 (Account Transfer).











Enter the “账号转账” page and fill in 5 key information





Click the Copy of Panda Remit APP to copy all the information to your Agricultural Bank of China app


点击 Panda Remit APP 的“复制”,将所有信息复制到您的中国农业银行应用程序中







1.转账金额 (Transfer Amount): Enter the amount that you have placed the order on Panda Remit.

 转账金额:输入您在Panda Remit上创建的订单金额。



2.收款人名称 (Payee Name):  蓝海银行熊猫速汇资金清算账户

 收款人名称: 蓝海银行熊猫速汇资金清算账户



3.收款账号 (Account number):  10183277777730080501880010




4.收款银行 (Bank Name):  威海蓝海银行股份有限公司




5.附言(Transfer Remarks): Fill in according to the 6-digit number on the Panda Remit page

   附言:请根据Panda Remit页面上的6位数字填入





Click 下一步 (Next) to enter the next page, check the info and Click 确认 (Confirm), enter your passwords to complete the transfer.











Bank Transfer is completed, your transaction will arrive in your recipient account within 2 hours