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Guide to Non-mainland Chinese individuals verify Panda Remit account



Panda Remit now supports Non-mainland Chinese individuals transferring RMB to home country . The easy and fast way to transfer money online from china to Global.


熊猫速汇-Panda Remit 现已支持非中国籍用户从中国境内进行人民币 (CNY) 汇款,选择熊猫速汇,享受高效,便利的汇款服务,支持从中国汇款到全球。



Who can use it?




Non-mainland Chinese individuals who are working or have worked in China can use this product to send money from China. 




Guide to Non-mainland Chinese individuals verify Panda Remit account






Open the Panda Remit app, Register/Login Panda Remit











From there, select ‘CNY’ to get started. Also choose which currency you would like to convert it to ('SGD' as an example)




Choose your nationality()






Enter the Blue Ocean Bank page and upload Passport & residence Permit to verify your account





Confirm your personal information and bind the Chinese bank card for payment





2. Income Proof Verification to get remittance limits



To obtain a higher remittance limit, it is necessary to submit income proof from China



This is only needed for your first transfer. Income documents (Proof of income&Personal income tax record)

仅当您第一次汇款时才需要。 收入文件(收入证明&个人所得税记录)





纳税记录 Tax Record(Choose any category for upload)


Style 1. From IIT app/ website



A standard tax record format, with your name, tax identification number, ID number and a seal of the tax bureau.




Style 2.  From the tax payment portal



Companies can issue tax records through the tax payment portal, which includes the individual's name, identification document number (such as a passport number), taxpayer identification number, tax details, and the company's seal.



The following templates are from the tax payment portal; Template 1 is a screenshot, and Template 2 is a downloadable version.



Template 1  示例1


Template 2  示例2


Style 3. From the local tax bureau



The information is presented similarly; only the format is slightly different.




Income Proof 收入证明(Choose any category for upload)


Style 1. Standard tax detail page screenshot 标准个税收入纳税明细截图


①From the app




② From the website




Style 2.  Employment contract 劳动合同


The first page which presents you and your company's info, your monthly salary page, the last page of your contract with your signature and your employer's stamp.




Style 3.  Payslip  工资单


With company stamp or detailed information of the source to directly prove that the payslip is issued by the employer.




Style 4. An income proof statement issued by the employer





After submitting the (Personal income tax record & Proof of income), Your Panda Remit account will be successfully verified within 12 hours.



About Us - Panda Remit


Panda Remit is a cross-border remittance online platform, which is committed to providing global users with safer, more convenient, reliable, and affordable online cross-border remittance services. With a user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Panda Remit is the best solution for anyone looking for a hassle-free way to make global remittance.


Panda Remit has the following features:


1. High safety degree - All transactions are encrypted and monitored 24/7 to ensure the safety of your funds.


2. Convenient transfer environment - Panda Remit is equipped with a currency calculator


3. Simple operation process - Panda Remit has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and use


4. More money received - Higher exchange rates, Lower handling fees, and instant transfer.


Panda Remit is the perfect solution for you to make cross-border remittances.

Please visit the Panda Remit official website (https://www.pandaremit.com/) or download the Panda Remit App, for more detailed information.