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Bank card Payment Tutorial



Create remittance orders,

Select「Visa/Master Card」


Enter the amount you need to remit, click "Start remittance", create the order confirmation information, click "Pay now".


Enter the remittance payment method page and select the payment method of Visa/MasterCard Debit Card.


Bank card Payment Tutorial

Fill in account information and verify


Please be sure to use your own debit card, not support other people's payment and corporate account payment.


After filling in and checking the information, click to confirm payment.


Enter the verification stage, different banks have different verification methods, please pay attention to your SMS or bank APP prompt.


 congratulations! After completing the above steps, your payment is complete! Wait for payment!


Bank card Payment Tutorial

Debit card payment problem F&Q


Q:What is Debit debit card payment?

A:Debit card generation points to the bank that sends a card to sign and issue to cardholder, do not have credit line, cardholder deposits first, the bank card that uses after, differ with credit card, debit card must deposit amount first just can normal deduct money success

In the United States, debit cards are usually divided into two types of accounts, a checking account and a saving account, both of which can pay for your remittance orders


Q:Which debit cards are supported to pay my remittance order?


PandaRemit supports most debit card payments, the card type must be "debit card", and the following three conditions must be met


· The card has not reached its expiry date


· Your account opening name is consistent with the debit card reservation information


· CVV or CVC (usually three or four digits on the back of the card)


Q:Does pandaremit accept credit card payment?

A:Credit cards are not currently supported.



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