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【熊猫速汇】熊猫速汇Panda Remit成为Mastercard 2020全球唯一入选创业直通车计划的汇款公司



我们激动地宣布,Panda Remit入选万事达卡“创业直通车”(Start Path)项目。通过该计划,金融科技初创企业可以受益于万事达卡的卓越技术与支付解决方案,并有机会在其遍布全球的网络中一展身手。


万事达卡“创业直通车”(Start Path)项目于2014年启动,是万事达卡全球久负盛名的初创公司参与计划,该计划将全世界各地的创新者聚集在一起,共同打造商业的未来。同时,“创业直通车”也为所有合作方架起了合作共赢的桥梁:初创企业可以得到万事达卡的专家指导,并受惠于其技术和渠道的全球网络资源;银行和商家通过合作接触到最顶尖的初创企业,并开展合作打造更优秀的产品和服务。从“创业直通车”(Start Path)项目起步的众多初创公司已经成功在资本市场筹集了超过29亿美元的投资。


熊猫速汇很高兴成为万事达卡“创业直通车”(Start Path)项目的成员。我们计划与万事达卡合作,为共同的金融生态系统贡献力量,研发新的支付方式和互动机制,并将最具创新性的金融科技解决方案带到全球各地。


“当今世界正在发生急速的数字化转型,与此同时消费者行为习惯的改变也亟待新的解决方案加以满足,这为金融科技企业提供了发展良机。”万事达卡“创业直通车”项目与金融科技部高级副总裁Amy Neale称:“万事达选择熊猫速汇加入‘创业直通车’Start Path的创新生态,将会为他们提供各种工具、资源和指导,助其未来规模化的进程更加顺利。”


“Panda Remit熊猫速汇是我们Nextpls集团的第一款产品,它为用户提供便捷,安全,极具性价比和过程透明的汇款方案,可以从全世界汇往中国。” Nextpls集团,联合创始人及首席执行官,郑开兴(Ken Zheng)说:“我们以汇款中国为起点,建立一个无国界的全球金融平台,是我们的长期目标。”


“我们非常高兴入选万事达卡的创业直通车,” 联合创始人及总裁,曾毅(Eric Zeng)补充道:“万事达卡的网络和资源将为我们服务全球用户提供便利。”


未来,熊猫速汇(Panda Remit)将帮助全世界的人们管理他们的财务需求,帮助他们在几分钟之内建立账户,并用它来管理人们的日常支出,向国外汇款,进行货币兑换等等。


自成立以来,我们发展迅速,目前已开通了美洲,欧洲,亚洲和澳大利亚的28个汇出国和129个接收国的运营。快速,高效地将产品推向市场的能力是万事达卡选择Panda Remit的原因。


我们很荣幸被万事达卡选中成为“创业直通车”(Start Path)项目的成员,期待未来的发展!


Fast-growing cross border fintech company Panda Remit partners with Mastercard to accelerate global expansion.


We are thrilled to announce that Panda Remit has been selected to join Mastercard Start Path, a program that enables fintech startups to rapidly scale through unparalleled access to Mastercard’s technology, solutions expertise, and partners around the world.


Launched in 2014, Start Path is Mastercard’s award-winning startup engagement program that brings together a network of innovators from across the globe to shape the future of commerce together. Startups benefit from the knowledge of a global network of Mastercard experts, technologies and channels. Banks and merchants gain access to a global portfolio of elite startups to accelerate commercial products and solutions through collaboration. Many startups that have participated in Start Path have gone on to raise over $2.9B in capital investment.


We are excited to be a part of Start Path. We plan to work with Mastercard to service our joint ecosystem partners, enable new forms of payments and connectivity, and bring the most innovative fintech solutions to all parts of the globe.


In today’s world we’ve seen an accelerated shift to digital – the bedrock of fintech – and evolving consumer habits which have created an immediate need for new solutions,” said Amy Neale, Senior Vice President, Start Path & Fintech at Mastercard. “Mastercard has selected Panda Remit to join its Start Path ecosystem of innovators and will provide them with the tools, resources and mentorship they need for success on their scaling journey.”


“Panda Remit is our first product of Nextpls Group, its mission is to bring competitive advantage to our clients by providing fast, security, cost efficient and transparent payment solution to support remittance from and to China,” said Ken Zheng, Co-founder & CEO, Nextpls Group. “We begin with remittance to China to build a global financial platform where money is without borders which is our long-term goal.”


"We’re proud to take part in the MasterCard Start Path program.” added Eric Zeng, Co-founder & President, “This will help open new doors for us and grow our global network to better serve our customers across the world. "


Panda Remit will help customers all over the world to set up an account in minutes, manage everyday spending, send money abroad and exchange currencies. Since its founding, they have grown fast and now operate in 28 sending countries and 129+ receiving corridors across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The ability to quickly and cost-effectively get products to market is why organizations choose Panda Remit. 


We are honored Mastercard selected us for their Start Path program and look forward to what the future has in store!





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