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[US] Remittance Payment Tutorial

How to send money?

1. Start sending money

Open the PandaRemit APP and enter the amount to be remitted on the homepage

Click [Start Remittance]


2. Select a domestic payee:

Select [Payee]


After confirming that [Remittance Information] is correct, click [Pay Now] .


3. Bind bank account

Select Payment Method—Bank Debit(ACH)


Jump to the third party page of [PLAID] for [account authorization]


Select your bank account [bank], PLAID supports most banks in the US (search through the search box)


fill in your [bank account and password]


Added successfully!


4. Set the payment password (only the first payment needs to be set for subsequent payment verification)


Click on the [Bank Account] you used to pay


For the first payment, you need to set [payment password] (you need to enter the password twice)


5. It's better to take a few steps


Click the [bank account] you used to pay


Enter the [password] you have set.


End of payment process! You can click "Order Details".


You can track your order progress in [Order Details]



If you have any other questions, please click the link below to contact online customer service






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