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How to use Panda Remit to send money

1.Create a remittance order:


2.   Click [Send],enter the amount to be remitted, and click [Send Now].




[Note:If you have a coupon, you can select the coupon.]


2. Select the payee:

Select [Recipients], click Next to confirm[Remittance Information] again, and click [Pay Now] if the remittanceinformation is correct.




3. Payment methods:

Panda Remit offers two payment methods-

【POLi Payment】&【Bank Transfer】,please choose the method according to your actual situation.



4. Check you order:

After the payment iscompleted, you can check the progress of your order in the [Activity], and thenwait for Panda Remit to process.



Australian & PayID Payment Tutorial (English)

POLi and Banking Instructions (English)

Australian Bank Transfer Payment Tutorial(English)




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