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Create Transfer order then choose PayID method


Input the amount you want to transfer and click “send now” to create a transfer order


When go to payment method page, please choose “PayID” .




After that, check and confirm your PayID email address (please be advised the PayID email we offer on APP is unique.)




Please be advised the PayID email address for every client is unique. The screenshot is for demonstration only.


Use ANZ APP to pay


Once the transfer order is created, you can use ANZ app to pay the money


Step 1. Run the APP and choose “Pay”




Step 2. Click “+”  then “Email” to add new recipients




Step 3. Fill the PayID information provided by Panda Remit APP and input the total amount (transfer amount + commission) on “amount” column and click “Pay” if the information is correct


Step 4. Click “confirm” after reviewing the information and input correct nerbank password on the pop-up window.




You have finished all steps for PayID payment. 

The money will be received within 1-3 business days.





1、How to register PayID?


Step 1. Click “Pay ID after login ANZ netbank


Step 2. Choose “manager your PayID”


Step3. Choose “PayID” and link to your bank account.


Click the link to register>>


Video tutorial


2. How to register PayID on APP?


Step 1. Run the ANZ APP and click “profile” on the right upper corner.


Step 2. Click “Payments” then “Pay ID”


Step 3.Follow the guide to create your PayID and link to your ANZ account.




Please be advised


  1. If you choose PayID as your payment method, your transfer order will be valid for 24 hours and the exchange rate is locked.


  2. The transaction will be processed for 1 business day.


  3. SMS might be sent to your mobile phone per Common bank and your netbank account security setting.


What is Pay ID?


PayID can be your phone number, email address or ABN/ACN. It’s unique to you and your eligible bank account.Superscript: It doesn’t replace your BSB and account number which stays exactly the same – it’s like a nickname for your account.


Australian & PayID Payment Tutorial (English)

POLi and Banking Instructions (English)

Australian Bank Transfer Payment Tutorial(English)



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