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NZL POLI Payment Tutorial


What’s POLi?


PoLi Payment is a leading online payment solution in Australia and New Zealand. It is owned by Australian Post. Poli can support all the banks in New Zealand.


Includes but not limit to: ANZ, ASB,Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank, TSB, Westpac, etc.


When you make payment, you don’t need to sign up a Poli account. Only net bank cardnumber and password is needed.


POLi   Manual


1. How to create a transaction and choose Poli on Panda Remit.




2.Click “Select your bank”


Choose your bank and click “continue”

Input your Internet Banking  cardnumber and passowrd, then click “logon”




3.Confirm the transaction and your account, then click “continue”

Input the verification code and click “continue”




4.Your payment is done.





1.How to find Internet Banking card number and password on ANZ?


Customer Registration Number is your ANZ Internet Banking card number.


Please get your bank card and registered phone number ready, click the link to find your customer registration number and reset the password.



Alternatively, you can scan the QR code below to go to the webpage.



Step 1. Go to ANZ Internet Banking logon page




Step 2. Recover your logon detail




Step 3. Get your bank card and registered phone number ready.


Step 4. Enter your card number and PIN




Step 5. Enter your verification code




Step 6. Recover your customer registration number




Please be noted the manual is for below situation


  • Never registered ANZ Internet Banking accoun

  • Forget ANZ Internet Banking account or Password


The process is slightly different.


2.How to change daily withdrawal limit?

Some clients may receive the notification below when they choose POLi to make payment



This is because it reach the daily withdrawal limit set by ANZ, not Panda Remit.


Steps to reset the daily withdrawal limit


  • Logon Internet Banking and go to Payment

  • Choose “Internet Services” then “Change international services registration”

  • Click “change my limit”



Please be noted the processing time of changing withdrawal limit depends the amount you want to change. For example, if you want changing the limit to 1000NZD, it will take effective immediately while 5000NZD or 10000NZD will be only be effective after you logon internet banking again.


Internet Banking link is below



Alternatively, you can scan the QR code to go to the webpage.



3.How to download statements?


Step 1. After logon internet banking,  choose the account after clicking “view statements” or “accounts”


Step 2. You can use “filter by statement issue date” to choose the period


Step 3. Statement will be generated once the period is chosen.


Step 4. You can choose save or download the statement.


NZL POLI Payment Tutorial



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