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【熊猫速汇】The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?

The rise and rise of the RMB continued until the end of May.

On the first day of June, the rising steps began to be stopped officially and began to fall steadily.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


The decline of RMB against the US dollar is also expected. After all, it has been up for so long, so it is not impossible to fall.


AUD: far away from "5"

The exchange rate of Australian dollar in recent months is really frightening and heart beating.

All the way up and down, never guess what it will be like the next second - since the pursuit of excitement, then carry it out.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


The roller coaster exchange rate of the Australian dollar, in the final analysis, is still due to the epidemic.

After delta India variant virus flowed into Australia, the epidemic broke out in Melbourne first. For fear of the spread of the epidemic, new states, Western Australia, Queensland and Northern Territory entered a state of blockade.

The city entered a state of blockade, and people's investment sentiment declined, which led to the depreciation of the Australian dollar.


JPY: "6" will never return

Since April, the exchange rate has never been over 6!

The beginning of 6 seems to be in the last century.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


Previously, the yen exchange rate is also affected by the US dollar, but the US dollar has a rising trend recently. Why is the yen still so weak?!

Japan has been taking a loose fiscal policy before, the new crown vaccination is slow, the epidemic has not been well controlled, the effect of economic reconstruction is not good, want to change the fiscal policy but powerless.

In addition, a lot of human, material and financial resources have been invested in the preparation of the Olympic Games, but whether and when it will be held have become unknown.


SGD: I bid farewell to "4.8"

The Singapore dollar hit a low of 4.78 against the RMB last month

Falling below 4.8, it can be said that many people are surprised!

The plunge in mid June gave many Singaporean workers a cool breath.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


Although the subsequent decline did not continue, the recent exchange rate does not look optimistic, just like a backwater.

Influenced by COVID-19, Singapore's tourism industry is almost paralyzed, which has also led to a sluggish economy in Singapore.

At present, the epidemic situation in Singapore has been properly controlled, gradually entered the "new normal", and is expected to reopen the border.


HKD: a small rise!

Generally speaking, the rise and fall of the Hong Kong dollar are relatively stable, but occasionally they get out of control.

On June 17, the increase reached 0.78%!

The reason is also very simple. The US dollar rose on this day, while the Hong Kong dollar is pegged to the US dollar.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


After the sharp rise, the Hong Kong dollar was remitted to the Buddhist state of "flat and light is true".

Let other currencies go through the "bloodbath", Hong Kong dollar is still "years of quiet good".


EUR: falling all the way

Recently, the exchange rate of the euro is also very confused. From the end of May,

All the way down shock, in mid June, fell out of the latest low.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


Europe is also deeply affected by delta mutants.

As usual, summer is the peak season of European tourism. After delta mutant invaded Europe in the middle of June, the tourism industry of many countries suffered a serious impact.

Vaccination rates in Europe are far lower than those in other regions, which also makes the situation worse.


GBP: be prepared to continue to fall

The pound began to fall rapidly after a period of stability between the end of May and early June.

When everyone thought it was going to stabilize, it started to fall,

With a new rally, it began to fall again.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


The decline in June is also inseparable from the impact of the epidemic.

Originally, it was almost unsealed. As a result, the delta mutant sneaked into the UK, but had to extend the blockade time.

In the Bank of England's interest rate resolution on June 24, the interest rate resolution will not be adjusted, which will not help the pound a lot. On the contrary, it will put the pound in a situation of "coming rain".


USD: finally it's my turn to go up

The US dollar, influenced by COVID-19 and fiscal policy, has been on the decline since the beginning of the year.

Finally, I woke up in early June, the exchange rate was stable, and began to rise slowly on the 17th.


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


The wave of exchange rate rise that began on June 17 originated from the Federal Reserve's interest rate decision - "raising interest rates".

"Interest rate increase" can enable people to deposit money in banks, reduce the circulation of money in the market, help the appreciation of the US dollar and stabilize prices.

Before the crazy printing and storage in the United States, it seems that people have a lot of money, but in fact, money is not worth it.

It can be said to be "rich, but not completely rich".


The exchange rate is 6.4, can you remit money now?


On the whole, the current exchange rate trend in various regions is not optimistic.

Mainly affected by the new crown outbreak and the Delta mutation, countries are suffering from slow economic development and many industries have been hit.

This wave of exchange rate downturn has also baffled many partners who want to remit money back home, but it will rise after a long time.

When the exchange rate is still cost-effective, you must open the Panda Express remittance as soon as possible!

Before it falls back, remit the money home first!



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