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How to download Tax record|如何下载缴税证明




How to retrieve your personal income tax records?




1. Download the tax app


Either from the app store where you can search for “个人所得税APP” or by scanning the QR code below to download from Tencent App Store.


下载税务App 您可在应用商店搜索“个人所得税APP”或扫描下方二维码从应用商店下载。










You can find the "个人所得税" APP in the Apple Store or China Mobile App Store(应用宝(Tencent MyApp);360手机助手;小米公司的应用商店;华为应用市场等)


您可以在Apple Store或任何安卓手机的应用商店找到“个人所得税”APP








2. Open the “个人所得税” app, click on “我的” then click on “注册/登陆” 










3. Enter account username (Phone number/ID number) and verification code on the login page, you will have to register yourself at the local tax office first.














4. After successful login, click on “纳税记录开具” on the main page












5. Select the time period (please select the last 12 months or maximum time period possible so that you can maximise the amount you can send)


选择时间段(请选择过去 12 个月或可能的最长时间段,以便您可以最大限度地发送金额)



(1) Slide the validation bar





(2) Below and then click on “生成纳税记录”





(3) To generate the personal income tax records Note: the maximum period you can generate a tax record for is 3 years. You can only generate maximum 3 tax records in one day


生成个人所得税记录 注:您可以生成的纳税记录最长期限为3年,您一天最多只能生成 3 次税务记录









6. Click on “保存” (as shown on the bottom right) to download your tax records










7.Wait for image to be generated,please check your gallery for the image of the personal income tax records (not in folder/file).





Note there might be multiple images downloaded onto your phone depending on the time period you chose. If so, please upload all the images of the tax record on Panda Remit as we allow for multiple file uploads.


请注意,根据您选择的时间段,您的手机上可能会下载多张图像。 如果是这样,请在 Panda Remit 上上传税务记录的所有图像,因为我们允许上传多个文件。









9. Open Panda Remit app and upload the Tax record you just obtained


打开 Panda Remit 应用程序并上传您刚刚获得的税务文件







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