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Save Money Transferring to India With Remitly: Costs, Payment Methods & More

How much does it cost to transfer money through Remitly to India?

Sending money overseas can be costly and intimidating. But with Remitly, you can send money to India quickly, affordably, and securely. In this article, we are going to break down everything you need to know about transferring money from the US to India using Remitly.

When it comes to cost, Remitly’s fees are very competitive and depend on certain things like how you are sending your funds (bank account, credit/debit card, etc.), where in India you are sending money to, and the total amount being sent. The best way to check Remitly’s fee structure is to use the Fee Estimator found on the Remitly website.

In addition to competitive fees, Remitly offers fast transfers and convenient options for sending money. All transfers to India will arrive within 1-3 business days, depending on which type of transfer is chosen. You can also use select express transfers to get money to certain parts of India in minutes. In both cases, you’ll be able to track the status of your transfer from start to finish.

When sending money through Remitly, customers are also provided with added security features and customer service. Like other global payment processors, Remitly works hard to keep customers’ data secure and encrypts it with 256-bit SSL technology. Aside from that, they offer 24/7 customer service and multiple language support.

Overall, Remitly offers a convenient and secure way to send money overseas. With competitive rates, fast transfers, and added security features, you can rest assured that your money is in good hands and gets to its destination safely and quickly.

What are the payment methods accepted by Remitly for transferring money to India?

Remitly is an efficient online money transferring service that has been helping people send money to India for many years. There are multiple payment methods accepted by Remitly, making it convenient for anyone to make a transfer.

Remitly usually accept payments from debit, credit, and pre-paid cards issued by Visa or MasterCard. This allows users to make their payments easily without having to worry about running out of cash when making international transactions.

Apart from this, Remitly also supports other payment options like bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, and other e-wallet services. This gives users more flexibility in terms of how they would like to pay for their international transfers.

Whatever payment option you choose, all transactions are secure and encrypted. With the help of advanced technology, Remitly ensures that all of its customers' data and payment information is protected. Therefore, you can be sure that your money transfers will be safe and secure.

In conclusion, about Remitly’s payment methods, the company accepts payment from multiple sources, including debit, credit, pre-paid cards, bank transfer, PayPal, Apple Pay, and e-wallets. All transactions are secure and encrypted, so no matter what payment method you choose, you can rest assured that your money transfers will be safe and secure.

Does Remitly charge any fee for transferring money to India?

Remitly is one of the top digital remittance companies, offering fast and secure money transferring services to India. One of the main questions that people have when using Remitly is; does it charge a fee for transferring money to India?

The answer is yes, Remitly charges a small fee for sending money to India. The cost will vary depending on a few factors like how much you’re sending, the day you’re sending, which delivery option you choose, and the exchange rate.

Remitly is transparent about its fees and provides customers with an estimate of their total cost before they send money. By comparing Remitly’s fees and exchange rates to other providers, customers can make sure they get the best deal for their money transferring needs.

In addition to the money transfer fees, customers should also consider any other fees or taxes charged by the recipient’s bank. Depending on the type of transaction, additional fees from government agencies may be applicable, so customers should contact their local bank to ensure that they are aware of any applicable fees.

Overall, Remitly does charge a fee for transferring money to India but there are fees involved in any such transactions. By understanding the fees ahead of time, customers can ensure they get the best deal for their remittance needs.

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred to India using Remitly?

Remittance is an important activity for people who live far away from their home country. With advancements in technology, it has never been easier to transfer money from one country to another. Remitly is one of the leading money transfer companies for sending money from United States to India.

When using Remitly to transfer money to India, there are certain limits set by the company for the maximum amount that can be transferred. The daily limit is $5,000 and the monthly limit is increased up to $20,000. However, there are certain conditions and requirements for transfers above $2,999.

To transfer money above $2,999, customers must provide additional documents. This includes a copy of their passport, a valid government ID, address proof, and other documentation. Once these documents have been verified, the customer will be able to send more than $2,999 without any restrictions.

For transfers from the US to India, Remitly offers multiple payment options so that customers can choose a convenient payment method. These options include bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers. Customers can also receive money in various forms including direct bank deposits, NEFT, IMPS, and cash pickups at selected locations across India.

Overall, Remitly provides a reliable and secure way to transfer money from the US to India with ease. With a maximum transfer limit of $20,000 per month, customers can be sure that their money will reach its destination quickly and securely.

Are there any additional fees when making a money transfer to India with Remitly?

It's important to understand the fees associated with transferring money, especially when it comes to international transfers. Remitly makes it easy for customers to make a money transfer to India by providing low-cost rates, flexible payment options, and dependable delivery. But what about any additional fees?

With Remitly, there are no hidden fees when sending money to India. Remitly charges a transparent fee for all transfers that is clearly displayed prior to the transaction taking place. This fee varies depending on the destination country, the amount you're sending, and the payment method you choose. You can also get a 1% fee reduction for your transfers if you use a bank account.

In addition to the basic fee, you may also be charged a separate fee by your payment provider, such as a credit card or debit card, and you will be responsible for any conversion costs associated with exchanging currencies. However, these are the only additional fees that can be charged when making a money transfer to India through Remitly.

Making a money transfer to India with Remitly is quick and easy. With no hidden fees, you can be sure that your money is getting where it needs to go without any surprises. With their low-cost rates, flexible payment options, and dependable delivery, you can rest assured your transfer will be handled quickly and securely. Try Remitly today to start saving money on your international money transfers.



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