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Layer upon layer, remittance home more difficult!

Recently, money transfer companies in Singapore have also issued new rules requiring customers to sign a consent form before sending money:


If an account is frozen, the money transfer company will only be responsible for the transfer of money, no compensation will be paid for the frozen funds.


This makes the hearts of Chinese Singaporeans hang in the balance again: remittances in Singapore are not easy:

  • Long queues,
  • the exchange rate fluctuates greatly,
  • limited amount of remittance,
  • the handling fee is higher,
  • a lot of documents are needed,

alas, said too many are tears.


The new rules are not without merit; in fact, they boded well in June:

Remittance company, freeze all not responsible!


In June, when Ms. Chen sent the money back to China, her family could not get it out, and her account was frozen. She wanted to report the case to the local police, but found herself a suspect in a fraud.


Liu said he had encountered a scam, check, the money is Ms. Chen was frozen this money, the remittance company said they are only responsible for the money to the account, after everything is not responsible!


Ms. Chen's family can only return the money to Liu, but also to sign a private settlement agreement.


It is clearly their own money but because of"Flying accident", hand over to others, is really dumb eat Coptis chinensis, there is no bitter to say.


However, this kind of thing was not uncommon when money was remitted into the country. The country was very strict with overseas money because many money launderers entered the country from overseas, and the criminal gangs were taking advantage of the loopholes!

Private agents, money laundering masks!


Chinese who urgently need to send money back to their home countries will see many intermediaries through online channels, saying that they can send money to China at a higher exchange rate than 0.1 in the market.


They will provide money transfer receipts to show that they are receiving money in batches, but the money will not arrive for long, the account will still be frozen and a suspect!


Once such"Money laundering" charges, the mainland will not be able to buy property in their own name, even if the production of documents to prove innocence, or a long time to resolve.


Contact the intermediary said after the freeze and they had nothing to do with it, again contact has been unable to get a reply, online can not find intermediary-related information, lost contact after running away.


Gangs launder money by posing as intermediaries and then run away with the "Clean" money, or are arrested by Public Security Bureau and brought to justice.


The client can only return the money to the informant, or the court will be sentenced to mandatory return. Even if they find a lawyer to fight a lawsuit, basically no one dares to accept.

Offline exchange, the risk of the epidemic can not be avoided!


In Singapore, the number of confirmed cases is still high.


Every day, the number of confirmed cases is several thousand. Moreover, there are also people who have died of covid-19 or covid-19 complications.


In Singapore, which is in the"Great Open" stage, still can not very good control of the epidemic, this time out for money or there is a great risk of infection, let a lot of people back!

Offline remittances can also be more cumbersome, with the constant need to provide proof.


It's really hard for many people to decide, and that's one of the risks of being a migrant worker.


Ahem! We interrupt this program


Remit Money China, might as well consider Panda Express! Remittances do not go out, the fastest 2 minutes to account, the latest internet remittance, do not go out do not queue.


Panda Express, you deserve it!



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