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How to apply and use Notification Card(通知カード) to verify account


Notification Card


  • What is Notification Card?


The Notification Card is a paper card used to inform residents of their individual number.


关于个人编号通知书和通知卡– マイナンバーカード総合サイト


  • How to get a Notification Card?


After you apply for a Residence Certificate at the local city hall,


the Notification Card will be automatically sent to your residence within 2-3 weeks.


There is no need to apply for it separately. However, if you have not applied for a Residence Certificate, it will be unable to receive the Notification Card.





How to use Notification Card(通知カード)  to verify account


if you choose Upload Notification Card(通知カード) + Residence Card(在留カード)to verify account



Upload 5 photos;


1.The first photo: Notification Card(通知カード;



2.The second photo is Front of Residence card(在留カードとは);


3.The third photo is Back of Residence Card(在留カード);


4.The fourth photo is Side of Residence Card(在留カード);


5.The fifth photo is Residence Card(在留カード) and personal profile;


Waiting for review(Within 10 minutes account will be verified)



When verification is passed, you will receive a text message and notification





For further account verification details


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