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Win Free Touch 'n Go NFC Card by remitting with Panda Remit

Receiving money with Touch 'n Go E-wallet in Panda Remit, stand to win Enhanced Touch 'n Go NFC Card on FREE! Enjoy high FX rate and fast transaction! 


Activity Rules

1. Time contained in the activity is subject to Singapore Time (UTC+8). Activity period: 25 October 2023 00:00:00 to 30 November 2023 23:59:59.

2. The activity is aimed at all users who remit from SGD to MYR in Panda Remit, and use Touch 'n Go e-Wallet to receive payment for the first time.

3. During the activity period, user who uses the Touch 'n Go e-Wallet to receive payment for the first time, and complete order successfully, the user has the opportunity to win the reward. There is no threshold for the remittance amount. After the activity, we will randomly draw 30 users to receive Enhanced Touch 'n Go NFC Card reward.

4. The rewards for this activity are physical rewards, we offer free delivery service (only available in Singapore). The winning users can also go to our Singapore office to collect the Enhanced Touch 'n Go NFC Card reward. Address: 1 North Bridge Road, #16-01, High Street Centre, Singapore 179094.


5. We will notify the winning users in the form of SMS messages and App push notifications. Users who win the rewards please contact our WhatsApp (+852 6569 1521) or online customer service to register for collection method and time.


6. In the process of participating in this activity, if the user violates the rules ( including but not limited to false positioning, machine cheating, malicious cash out, false transactions, profit from the preferential rights obtained by participating in marketing events or using marketing tools, or Panda Remit has reasonable grounds to suspect that users are improperly using preferential tools or preferential rights, etc), we will cancel the reward, and pursue legal liabilities when necessary.

7 . The user who has existed, appeared, or is reasonably suspected by Panda Remit to violate the principle of good faith, may be unable to obtain the reward. If necessary, the user will be held accountable, details as follows.

( 1 ) Participate in events through any improper means orin ways that violate the principle of good faith, such as behaviors that disrupt the order of the event including cheating through collusion with other users, merchants or using machines , or collecting prizes.

( 2 ) The transaction is concluded through any improper means or in a way that violates the principle of good faith, such as behaviors that disrupt the order of activities and violate trading rules, including using tools such as lottery cheating machines to place orders, obtain coupons, false transactions, provide false information.

( 3 ) The same user registers, holds, uses or controls multiple Panda Remit accounts. Among them, the same user refers to the same mobile phone number, ID number, Panda Remit account bank card number, terminal device and other information related to the users identity , and any one or more of them are identical, similar or invalid.

8 . The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Panda Remit. If you have any inquiries and assistance regarding this event, please contact Panda Remit Online Customer Service.