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2024-06-07 14:37
Recently the AUD/RMB rate has been a great news to some people, yet also a bummer to some else.According to the forecast data of economic institutions, the AUD/CNY exchange rate wi
2024-05-30 17:25
By observing the trend of recent exchange market, we can find the EUR/RMB rate is still steady around 7.8 after a moderate rise.But some may think that EUR has been much too modera
2024-05-24 09:41
Recently, the trend of the exchange rate of the yuan has attracted the attention of many people.The exchange rate of the yuan has soared, and it has been frantically purchased by c
2024-05-17 14:09
Recently, the pound to yuan exchange rate gradually calms down from the top point at the beginning of the year. However, the Pound to RMB exchange rate has also stabilized above 9,
2024-05-10 09:40
Recently, the exchange rate of the Australian dollar against the Chinese yuan has been like riding a roller coaster.On May 1, the Australian dollar opened with a big drop against t
2024-04-19 10:52
Recently, the Singapore dollar exchange rate fluctuates a little crazy. A few days ago, taking April 12 for example, the Singapore dollar against the Chinese yuan exchange rate was
2024-04-12 15:20
"Up in a hurry, down also in a hurry" can perfectly describe the yen exchange rate this year -- the rise lasted for a very short time, and the fall occurred suddenly.